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Kenny returning as a villain?

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Do you guys think that if Kenny is alive, is he going to return in season 2 as a villain? Honestly, if Kenny is alive, I hope they won't turn Kenny into a insane man who wants to hurt Clementine, it would destroy Kenny's character and make his redemption scene pointless because the redemption scene was supposed to show how much Kenny changed.

  • Fans seem to be split right down the middle in regards to Kenny's possible role in S2. Some want to see him again, while others want Kenny to be zombie chow. I have a theory that the player's relationship with Kenny will determine his behaviour in S2 (if he's going to come back). For example, if you were completely at odds with Kenny from the meat locker scene onwards, he'll be a complete lunatic by the time we meet him again. But if you and Kenny were the best of friends, even during the darkest times, then perhaps he won't be past the point of no return quite yet.

    • I was totally against Kenny :P It was funny to see him is despair, and I erally didn't agreed with him in much of anything unless the boat... On the other hand, if he shows up, I don't expect him to try to hurt Clrm, at least as something premeditated, since he has high family values and Clem is like his family now... But I'm guessing if he comes kind off crazy he can try to hurt her... But I don't think he'll show up as the Antagonist of the game

    • That makes so much scence, Kenny was my fav ( better than Clem lol) I tried to make realistic choices for me, smashing Larry's head in ( ahh the memories) not shooting the girl with zambies all over her. i did save Ben though even though he fudges up a lot I know I'd fudge up worse in a zombie apocalypse, I got the bro speech!!!!!! " you and Clem are the only family I got left"'favorite quote in the whole game. I hope Kenny comes back and looks after Clem. I probably sound like a fan girl,

  • I was on his side till the meat locker and all of a sudden he acts like I've always been out to get him, I treated his family nice afterwards but as for him? Fuck that guy.

    • Yes, like I said, I only sided with kenny when we didn't know if his kid wasn't bitten or not (I said taht we should wait) and about the boat (sounded like a good idea to look for an island or something... But for the rest we was allways acting like he was the boss and that everyone should shut up to what he said... I didn't liked him, but it's not like I hated him, I don't mind if he returns.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    it would destroy Kenny's character and make his redemption scene pointless because the redemption scene was supposed to show how much Kenny changed.

    Adding to that, Kenny's character arc was complete - one of the few characters to be granted a full arc before being pulled out of the group. Not sure what Telltale's decision on Kenny's fate is. BUT I have a preference. ;)

    • Actually, you just pointed out one of the biggest problems with Kenny's comeback, if Telltale were to do it: How do you continue the story of a character from a previous instalment, when his story is basically finished? This can lead to a "Captain Barbossa" scenario, where a major character can make an absolutely epic return, only for the filmmakers to do nothing of any real interest or significance with him.

      One of the better examples of restoring a character from a seemingly dead-end situation is Ellen Ripley. By the time Ridley Scott's ALIEN was over, her "arc" (so to speak) was done. But James Cameron found new ways to give her purpose in his sequel.

  • I dont think so,many kenny fans will cry on the forums then..

  • This reminds me of the idea Matt and Pat said on there Walking Dead play through, it would fit the themes of the Walking Dead but I can't imagine the fans would like that, I personally would like to see Kenny alive but if they are going to go down the insanity road then I would prefer him to be dead.

  • He already was a villain back in Season One. I really do hope he is alive though, just so I (Clem) can put a bullet in his head myself.

  • My thoughts on Kenny. Its hard to imagine someone always being against him. You would have to really try to spite him from day one, allowing Duck to be thrown to walkers and then trying to save the life of someone who tried to kill you when doing so puts yourself in danger.

    Personally, I was pissed at Kenny after episode 2. That anger died around halfway through episode 3 right along side his family.

    • The main problem with Kenny is that he doesn't appreciate your support unless you support him 100%, at all times. There is no middle ground with him. If you oppose him at all, he hates your guts and hesitates before trying to help you in a life or death situation, eventually abandoning you in your hour of need unless you appeal to his affection for Clementine. You have to essentially be a Kenny yes-man for him to agree to come with you otherwise.

      That moment at the end of Episode 4 just made me lose a ton of respect for the man.

    • "Allowing Duck to be thrown to the walkers?" Lee had to make a split-second decision between saving one life over the other, and no matter what he chose, it was going to cost the life of someone's son. But Kenny refuses to understand that.

      After defending Kenny from Herschel's rage, even after comforting Kenny about his actions at the drug store, Kenny still throws my decision back in my face when the time comes to rescue Clementine. If I say Clementine's the only family I have, Kenny responds with something along the lines of "I ought to knock you flat." If there was ever a moment when I wish the game granted an option of smashing Kenny's jaw, it was that one.

  • Kenny hasn't had any reason reason to hate Clem. So if he will returning as a villain in S2, only in the form of the walker.

    • In that sense if they did that I would be okay with it. I would be depressed and sad if that is the case but I would fully understand it, him being crazy for the sake of having someone be crazy is not good enough reason.

      • It will be too weird in terms of consistency storyline.

        Glad to see you, by the way.

        • Same, it is so close to the zero hour I needed to talk to way more people, that and the forum has its own problems. At this point I hope Kenny made it but looking at all the things that could happen to him, I am starting to think dying in Savannah is a merciful choice...

    • I dunno, man. Flipping off Lee at the one time when Clem needed him the most was pretty damn low, even if he was beginning to show signs of improvement during the bedroom sequence.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I both believe that Kenny is alive or not. Which doesn't matter to me, I will be happy to either. But the only condition I have for him to return is him being the good old Kenny we once knew. However, I understand that such an event he suffered in Savannah will have consequences if he survived. But if he returns as a villain I'd rather see his story concluded in Episode Five. I totally agree Bio, his "redemption" was how much he changed, and so he did.

    • Yep, even at his worst he was a asshole that leaves you for dead, but is not quite a 'villain' so coming back as a bandit slash madman that is a antagonist of Clementine, who he felt was like a daughter to him, is pretty out there.

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