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Lost all in app purchases

posted by aakraak on - Viewed by 3.5K users

Dear Telltale-games,

I bought the mega multi pack with episode 2-5 + the 400 days special episode on my iPad 2.
After finishing episode 5 the game crashed, so I had to close and restart the game. After doing this, there was no "400 days special episode" available any more in the game.

Since I paid for it, I want to play it!

So today I re-installed the entire game. But now, I lost all my in-game purchase.
I am most definitely not going to buy the game again, but that is the only option I get in the game.

How do I restore the game and all my in-game purchases?
I tried the "restore" button, but it doesn't do anything.

Please help me...

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    This description sounds like after your crash you lost the updates to the program that supported the addition of 400 Days. The game remembers what you purchased from when the purchase was made, so when you removed and re-installed the app the game won't remember your purchases until reminded. Since Apple made the actual transaction, the Apple store will remember your purchase and can remind your new install. You'll need to elect Buy on the mega multi-pack, but not buy it. The store should respond that you already own it and update the game so that each episode says Get instead of Buy. I am not suggesting that you buy the game again. If the store thinks you don't own it (like if you used a different account for the purchase), then it will ask you for a confirmation to purchase again after you elect to Buy it instead of telling you that you already own it.

    I'd love to know if this helped.

    • I thought it would work that way, but please check the image in the following link: Alt text It is in Dutch but it says:
      "Please confirm your in-app purchase:
      Would you like to buy the Multi Pack episodes 2-5 + 400 days bundle for €17,99."
      cancel or buy are the two options I got...

      So iTunes obviously thinks I didn't buy it...

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        MattP Telltale Staff

        That screen is normal at this step in the process. Once you progress through the purchase path again, you will see a message that you already own the content and will not be charged again. If you do not see this message and are charged, then you are not logged into the account that made the initial purchase, so please double-check this beforehand.

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    On that screen if you select buy and you already own it, the Apple store should tell you that you already own it. If it doesn't, then the screen will ask you for your password to confirm the purchase. If that happens, then Apple does not think you bought it.

  • There's the same problem with my game.
    I had to delete it, because it didn't start, after some times of playing.
    After a new installation, the in app purchases were deleted! The button "restore purchases" doesn't work.
    I hope you are able to solve the problem!

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      MattP Telltale Staff

      You will need to re-acquire the multi-pack or individual episodes that you purchased. To do this, you need to log into the account in which you initially made the purchase and continue the steps to purchase it again. You will be asked to confirm your purchase, and then be notified that you already own the content, and be prompted to download it again. If you are not logged into the account you used to make your initial purchase the first time, you will be charged again. Once the product is re-acquired, you will be able to download other episodes.

  • I have a similar problem. I purchased the mega pack and it wouldn't let me restore the purchase on another device. I tried to buy the first episode separately hoping this would if the issue and I believe it did. It began to download and did not charge my account but I am not sure if this was a purchase error or what. I don't want to purchase the other episodes yet just in case. Help would be appreciated

  • Nevermind it charged my account scratch that. iTunes said it was an error to take up with the developers.

  • I got the same problem, I logged into all the Apple ID accounts I had on this devise but nothing. I can't download them again without paying twice. Could someone tell me how to get them! :(

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    Please see our latest sticky post for ways to resolve these kind of issues.

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