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Just My Opinion! (The Walking Dead is making The Wolf Among Us release later)

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I know nothing is oficial blah blah. What is oficial is that what I'm seeing is they mite not release episode two till next month because of the walking dead game coming out. If i purchased a season pass to something that is not going to be realeased when expected or reasonable time. then I will be very displeased. Although they may want to be strategic with sales. It would be unwise to make one fan base wait (TWAU) so that sales mite be better from another (TWDG).All in all it gets old for family and freinds to come over and keep saying " you still dont have episode two. when will you get it?" and all i can say is " I don't know." If you want to share your opinion please do!

  • You knew when you bought the game that episodes didnt have hard release dates.. and ign has it listed as releasing in November so take that for what its worth

    • First off the threads say Just My Opinion Second didnt know they had it for november and third yah i know they have no oficial date but two months later is needless to say way to long just beacuse they have no date should'nt mean if it comes out next year oh well thats the kind of game i purchased

      • Guru, you say it's too long... but look at the people who bought the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass. A lot of them were pissed, they are just now remotely close to getting the first part of their DLC.

    • I just saw that too on ign website but I wonder if it is the real official release date.Do you think it is just an estimation or is it confirmed by Telltale ?
      If it's the real date this means that TWD and TWAU will be released the same month.And it means that both TWDfans and TWAU fans will be happy and I know I'll be even more happy because I'm a fan of both games.

  • Dont get me wrong The Wolf Amog Us 1 of the best games I played My hole life..and thats a lot comeing from a REAL GAMER. I Just Like voicing my opinion is all, and so should every1 else as long as they dont provide false facts.

  • Well then my opinion is that the rest of us real gamers, ya know as opposed to the fake ones, are most likely just as excited for the next chapter to come out. It's a great game for sure, and if you like the genre then your entire (whole) life can be filled with equally as good games, especially if they are being played while waiting for the rest of this one to come out.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    The Wolf Among Us is being made by a separate team from The Walking Dead: Season Two, since Telltale increased their staff after the first season of The Walking Dead, making it possible to release two seasons at the same time. So, the release of one season has no bearing on the release of the other.

    If you look at the release schedule of the first season of The Walking Dead, you'll see that each episode was released between 6 and 8 weeks apart from each other. The release schedule of both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two will be similar.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I'm taking bets that episode 2 still comes in November. And pretty soon at that.

  • I believe they said in the Q&A they hosted on Reddit that they're working on episodes 3 - 4 of The Wolf Among Us and 1 - 2 of The Walking Dead.

    So, I'd say that it won't be too long at all until the 2nd episode for Wolf is released. Certainly within the month, else they'd have said they were still working on episode 2.

    • I do not want to anoye anyone. I'm an impationt gamer. Sorryy it shows...but..Such a good game should have a few CRAZY FANS! :) promise no more release date questions or negative comments about TWAU( thanks everyone for your comments and Opinions!)

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