Season 2 Predicitions?

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Any predictions for season 2?

I'd love to hear what anyone has to say about Season 2, mostly any thoughts about Kenny, Omid & Christa!


  • Kenny is dead we wont see him

    omid and christa assumed clem was dead and left..we may run into them

    At some point we will run into the group in 400 days

    clem will die before seasons end

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    Kenny is alive and will assume the role of Lee as Clem's care taker.

    Omid and Christa will be in the "community" Tavia's talking about and Christa will give birth to a cute baby. grin

    400 Days characters will be Clem's primary group.

    We must see what happen to LILY!

  • kenny or no one can ever take lees place in clementine heart

  • I hope the last prediction isn't true. xD

    But still pretty good predictions!

  • Yup! :D

    I'll always miss lee. ;c

  • Lee, Lee.. Don't leave me Lee.. :(

  • I hope kenny is alive C:

    and based on my predictions Lily probably died, best I could come up with, probably not though, if not and she's alive, she'll be pissed lool

  • She's alive, I guess. 80% sure.

  • Ya' know there's always that %1 chance he's actually alive, a couple clues I found while playing the game.

    • If you choose to cut his hand off, that might help actually.
    • If you choose to tell Clem to shoot Lee, she kind of is shaking, so there's that 50 50 chance that she didn't shoot lee
    • At the end you kind of hear something, probably lee was holding his breath right when Clem was about to shoot Lee, and let go of his breath after he saw Clem did not shoot
    • And you never see him dieing at the end, both ways it just ends before anything happens
  • Haha, it'd be great to see that some of the members of the group are still alive, most of them died or became 'lost'.

  • Anyways, don't really get TOO emotionally attached to any character in Walking dead, because if you do, and you played Season 1, with Lee at the end, you'll get really sad. C:

  • I hope we get to see Clementine make Lee proud.

  • Agree!
    There will be a flu in the community and almost everybody will get sick except a few like the new baby born ,clem,and the people you chose to come with you from 400 Days caracters.Christa will probably die .

  • I hope not, I kind of like Christa, kind of not, she has her ups and downs xD

  • I'm sorry, I don't want to believe it either but telltale have come right out and said Lee was either shot by clementine (she didn't miss) or left to turn depending on the player's choices. Even with the latter option I doubt we will be seeing him, or his corpse, anytime in the future.

  • Hmm, i'll miss Lee then, best character ever, probably might see a zombie lee though xD (I know this wont happen anytime soon, but I'm wondering the ending will be if when some doctors find the cure, the doctors are trapped and clem has to go get them, just came up on the top of my head, but that'd be pretty cool. C: TAKE IT TO LEE CLEM!!!)

  • Tavia's group won't be a good thing, it will be a group like woodbury with the governor where you will get there an instantly notice something is off, then spend time trying to get out of the group

  • At some point Clem will reunite with Omid and Chista, and Chista will give birth to a child. The 'happy' reunion won't last however, and Chista and Omid will eventually be killed, with Clem forced to flee with the baby.

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