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Kenny, kenny.. How about Lily?

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Why is everyone go gaga about KENNY being dead or alive but we don't talk about what happen to LILY?

What do you think happen to her? I hope her fate will be explored too.

  • yea she was left with an open ended story arc too, which is why i think it's likely we will see her.

    • I'd love for her to come back, but the fact they buried her relation to Woodbury kind of gives me reason to believe she'll be "offed" unless they decide to bring back the relation to the comic.

      • Unfortunately, they can't do that because of Road to Woodbury. So now Telltale's Lilly is as much fair game as any other character we'll see.

        • That's tragic, it'll be hard for me to deal with whatever incarnation of Lilly they'll potentially use, knowing she was a "failed prospect" of sorts.

          • On the other hand, if Lilly never returns, I can at least believe that she's the Lilly from the comics. It made complete sense that she sort of "redeemed" herself for Doug/Carley's death for what she did in the comics.

  • Kenny can be downright satanic in some playthroughs. (His lowest moment, without a shadow of a doubt, was refusing to help Clementine.) I wouldn't be at all surprised if he returned as a complete lunatic in S2, if he shared an antagonistic relationship with Lee in S1. But the fact Lily reveals your secret to the group no matter what you do is still frustrating, and proves she's an inherently bad individual.

    • To me, the moment I hated him the most was after I shot the poor woman in the street, the one being chewed on by walkers. He berates you in front of the entire group for doing the humane thing. It's especially frustrating when he's more than happy to have you carry out the exact same procedure on Duck.

      Mind you, I got the bro speech from him on my last playthrough despite siding against him rather a lot. Maybe he isn't so bad.

    • Saying someone is 'Inherently bad' based on one action alone is quite a stretch.

  • I'm certain, 100% certain, Lilly will be back. I mean, she is alive when you last see her whatever you choose. There's no way they won't bring her back.

  • I think that bringing back Lilly is a bad move, since her reception appears to be an all time low.

    She lost her chance to redeem herself by either being abandoned, or when she steals the group's RV out of desperation, after the infamous Carley/Doug incident. Bringing her back means that most players will see her return as an opportunity to see her die, rather than see why she is back, and see what story she has to offer this time around, such as what happened to her since she left the original group. If that was the case, then she serves no purpose to the series anymore and should not be brought back.

    From what I read up, the conflict between the Comic Lilly and Game Lilly characters has complicated canon, leaving people to still argue whether they're the same person or not, even if Telltale has mentioned that they are not. Unless Telltale plans to have the two Lillys side by side, the debate will go on.

    Just my two cents.

    • Not trying to start an argument here, just giving my two cents too. I really liked lilly and I thought her story as it was she living and joining woodbury was just great, but anyway if thatis no happening anymore and the cannon part of it just got ruined I think she should return just so he gets cannonic to the tv show (that is what they are trying to do now). i mean it's just anotehr Lilly, and TT needs to shows us that by making her return even if for just one or 2 episodes so we know for sure she's not the same one. I mean I don't think every charatcher people are refering will return because it's just weird that everyone that Clem met, or everyone from 400 days returns, I'm guessing in 400 das only the ones that stayed or went to camp will return, and from season 1 Christa or Omid with the baby (hoping for Omid but nothing against Christa), Lilly and i guess Kenny because of what TT said). About Molly she wasn't my favourite charatcher, but I guess she showing up like taht and never returning is weird, so I'm hoping for a return from her, since Savanah is no longer liveble. She could return with Christa and/or Omid, like they could have meet up and got out of town together ;)

      • No arguments here at all, you're entitled to your opinion. :)

        • Yeah, it was just because some people think that others are starting arguments because they have different oppinions and share them ;) Both of us have good points, we'll have to wait and see if TT wants to discart totally Lilly (living to the player to choose if he wants her to be the Lilly from the comics or another one completly different, I mean, if they connect the game with the tv show who's to say she didn't got to woodbury anyways and wasn't in the governos group and his now dead?... that could be a possibility) or want to developed the charatcher as they want giving the players specifics for who Lilly really is.

    • KENNY FUCKING KILLED HER DAD DAMMIT! She's gonna be edgy and then Ben was fucking with her even more by dealing their supplies to bandits! She was one of my favorite characters along with Lee, Clementine and Carley. Carley really got to her by using those cut throat words and Lily was emotionally unstable so she made a mistake and lost control and killed Carley. Same goes for Doug, she was really angry that her dad was killed and now someone was stealing supplies and they lost their home so she wanted Ben out and she lost control and shot, Doug so happens to save Ben. It would be sensible and a very great move to bring her back.

      • Who is this message directed to? Me or DLGR13? Sorry for asking, but I'm not used to the comments layout.

          • I'm not completely opposed to Telltale bringing back Lilly, I would like to see her story continue, but I understand that for that to work she needs to have a reason to stick around in Season 2. Telltale have plans for Kenny since he is going to show up in Season 2 in some way (as a cameo or a supporting character, we don't know), but no word has been made for Lilly, so there must be no current plans for her as of yet.

  • I see her coming back, but not for long, since she'd be moving out to Woodbury. UNLESS she is coming back from there after what happens in the prison with Lori and Judith...that could be a fair point.

    • The Lilly in the game isn't the same Lilly from the comics. That was the original intention, but Kirkman retconned that fact with "Road to Woodbury", meaning that Game Lilly never goes to Woodbury, or the prison, or kills Lori and Judith. For all we know, Game Lilly is dead in a ditch somewhere, or shambling around some deserted road as a walker. We'll never know unless she shows up in Season 2.

  • I don't really undestand why people want to put one of the characters on pedestal and push another character down. Both are flawed charcters who murder another group member and can act like a-holes towards Lee. Also both of them have good and bad qualities and neither one is a saint. Personally I tried to balance between them to keep some sort of consensus in the group, because occasionally both of them had idiotic ideas. Sometimes I wish that game would have given option tell them just to shut up and establish your own version of "Ricktatorship", but those two just kept complaining and pushing their own ideas even if you told them to shut up.

  • I'm happy Kenny's dead. I hated that guy from the very beginning. Rest in hell kenny!

  • I hated Lilly. In my play-throughs, she was a short-fused, selfish, useless bitch. Kenny was a family man who tried to take care of the whole group. Despite losing everything, Kenny still stuck by, helped Lee n the others out, he survived. He played his part. Lilly just fucks it up and kills an innocent. In front of everyone. In front of Clem. I really hope they don't bring her back. When I left her outside the RV I felt a sense of justice! :P I assume Kenny is dead but I still like that there is a possibility he made it out. I'd be happy to see him again, even if it were just a flashback of sorts, an explanation of exactly what became of him or maybe just finding some open-ended evidence that shows it could've gone either way. Mystery n shit ;)

    • I concur, Lily can stay gone as far as I'm concerned. Let her be the mystery that goes unsolved, not Kenny.

    • Well the thing is the characters change so much based on how you treat them and their families. (Although I would remind you that Kenny also killed an innocent in front of Clem)

      In my playthrough, Kenny was a ruthless, mean asshole who didn't give a damn about anyone other than Katjaa, Duck and himself, and wouldn't stop yelling at lee just because he didn't agree with everything he did.

      In my playthrough, Lilly was very caring, got on with Clem, and loved her father a hell of a lot. Then her world was torn apart when Kenny slaughtered Larry; she lost everything she was fighting for. After that, she felt like she could trust no-one: then Carley started calling her a bitch and she snapped.

      She had lost everything.
      No family.
      No friends.

      After her mistake she knew everyone hated her, so she felt that she needed to get away. Just before doing so, she apologized to my Lee, the only person who had been nice to her.

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