Is it just me... ***SPOILERS***

Or is there a well known short story about a girl whose head is held together to her body by a blue ribbon? In the end it's taken off and her head falls off. Seems to me Faith may be a mix of this story and the donkey coat fable.

-Take notice of the examination of the precise cut.
-"Do you like my ribbon?"


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    I remember the story. I think I first read the green version in a book of spooky American folktales. I didn't personally think that that was where they were going with it because while it may be a theory used to explain Faith's decapitation it doesn't explain Snow's. My thought was that she had some other reason for pointing out the ribbon. If I remember correctly, depending on the player's choices, wasn't the dialogue along these lines:

    Bigby: "Who do you work for really?"

    Faith: "These lips are sealed." (later) "Hey do you like my ribbon?"

    B: "If you don't answer my questions, I can't help you."

    F: "I'm answering them the best that I can."

    So that part of the conversation makes me think that she's pointing it out to give Bigby a clue as to who she works for, since she can't say it outright. I'm not completely ruling out the green ribbon folk tale theory, since it's still so early. But I personally just feel like it's going in a different direction.

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    Another dialogue is as follows:

    Faith: Hey do you like my ribbon?

    Bigby: (silence)

    Faith: Tempted to take a bite.

    Bigby: That was a long time ago.

    In the Book of Fables after walking away from Gren it mentions Bigby biting everyone before leading them to freedom. It is possible that Bigby saved Snow and Faith at the same time and Faith was wearing her cloak and ribbon. Bigby would easily forget the cloak because of his father and thus forgetting Faith. Bigby rubs his head as to why he forgot Faith.

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    exactly! and there were lines in the dialogue:
    Bigby -i feel like we have met before
    Faith - We probably have. we all sort of knew each other at one point or another, but thing change i guess

    and to approve TS theory, she also looks confused if bigby answered to her "do you like my ribbon" phrase with simple "beatiful'', like he was too stupid to find out what she actually meant :)

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    Another dialogue is as follows: Faith: Hey do you like my ribbon? Bigby: (silence) Faith: Tempted to take a bite. Bigby:

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    It might. I just thought that Faith might be the exception in that case( or Snow, depending on how you look at it.) When you ask the magic mirror, he never shows you the body either.

    But the beauty theory does make sense. It's just that from a writer's standpoint these small things seem like a foreshadowing.

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