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Paying for episodes

posted by Aflyinavocado on - Viewed by 390 users

Hey I just finished my first play through of episode 1 and I've been left wondering whether or not I have to pay for the other episodes. I bought this on steam for $25 and it didn't mention if i was paying for one episode or the whole series. Please help.

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    gupy01 BANNED

    You paid for the whole series. Have fun.

  • You've paid for the whole season, episodes 1-5, you're good. Only consoles have the option to buy episodes separately, I believe. As the episodes release the game will update and they will appear.

  • As others have said, you have indeed paid for all five episodes.

    More specifically, you've actually paid for the Season pass, which includes all five episodes. But yes, once each episode is released you'll be required to download it and it'll be added to the one(s) you've already got, so don't worry about having to pay extra for them.

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