I want Christa and Omid back.

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Sorry, not a discussion at all.

I just want to say I loved that perky, geeky couple. Get them back!

And, about ALL the characters in 400 days DLC, I really don't care. Kill them. Whatever...By the way, that DLC was plain lame. Wasn't worth $5, seriously. But don't worry, I'll forgive thee, Telltale, for thou art sweet enough to release Season 2 before Xmas. YAY


  • i want them back too, shes pregnant so you can do alot of stories with that

  • I do hope they come back, they were very believable characters and had the exact sort of morals I would hope to have during an outbreak of zombies. And I know that my Clem would love to see them again.

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    Well if it's many month's then I hope she's had the baby, because the thing about babies is, they cry. It could be like a "Crying Wolf" scenario here. One day, they come across a big horde of walkers, forcing them to hide in an abandoned house. Unfortunately for Christa,or even better Clem, the baby starts to cry. Knowing they would die if its cries are heard by the walkers, she wraps her hand as tight as she can around the babies mouth. It is only after the walkers leave that she comes to her senses and notices the baby is no longer crying. Taking her hand off, she sees that the baby has stopped breathing. Christa, or Clem, has accidentally smothered the baby.

    On a side note, this story was pretty much copy and pasted from the Crying Wolf metal gear wiki page, I just changed the references to fit the backdrop of the walking dead. I think telltale can make it happen.

    Edit: Even though it's been done before.

  • Again i want them back but some sort of reason has to be found for them to run into each other (not just 'oh hey there they are!') Oh and 400 days was pretty good in my opinion I'd like to see some of those characters too and randomly running into them would be a bit more acceptable as really they've never met each other.

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    That smothering-a-baby-to-keep-from-being-discovered-by-the-enemy scenario is at least as old as the series finale of M * A * S * H, minus the zombies.

  • Yeah, that episode of MASH is pretty famous, and always comes to my mind whenever I think about trying to keep children alive in a zombie apocalypse. That is a bit of a spoiler, of course, because you're not supposed to know what happened until the end. But come on, it's been like three decades now. Anyway, didn't they have a baby in the Walking Dead TV show? And the comic? I haven't read (or viewed) that far. Have they dealt with the implied bottomless horror there?

    But the story takes on a new soul-wrenching darkness if they try to explore that dimension rather than everybody assuming what must have happened to all the babies and not talking about it. But they opened that door a crack by dropping hints that Christa is pregnant. If they bring her back, I don't know if I can deal with the choices that will be put on the player.

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