Should Clem have a dog?

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Does anybody else think giving Clem a dog would bring a different vibe to Season 2? I actually had this idea a few days ago, but I've hesitated putting it forward, because...let's face it, this is THE WALKING DEAD, the president and CEO of Pessimism Inc. If something horrible and sadistic can be done to a beloved animal, odds are they're going to do it. (Anyone remember the German Shepard from the Will Smith version of I AM LEGEND?)

On the other hand, what if Telltale gave the player the chance to DECIDE whether her dog lives or dies, albeit at a great cost? I'm reminded of DomeWing's suggestion about a torture scene with Clementine. Instead of having Clem physically tortured, why can't the villain - someone like Nate, maybe - threaten to kill Clem's dog if she doesn't reveal the location of whoever he's looking for?

(And no, Telltale, you DON'T get to murder the dog anyway even if Clem gives up her secret, just for the sake of twisting the knife in the player's gut. Check out Barry Levinson's WHAT JUST HAPPENED to see why that would be a very ill-advised move.)


  • Dogmeat? Noooo!

  • I've always thought about the group finding a dog of some sort. Clem having some sort of watch dog, especially during the night's when she is sleeping alone, I think it would be a good idea. If telltale really wanted us to hate them, they would make us decide which name to give the dog, raise it, start to care for it, then they will kill it off in some sad and fucking depressing scene.

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    I actually think its a very good idea. Many people here complained about Clemmy being to weak, but a dog could protect her and give her self-ersteem, giving her strength to go on. On the other hand dogs can attract walkers by making unpredictable noises, barks etc. - could be a good story. Come on, Telltale: give her a dog.

  • A pet... maybe but would it make any sense. The group nearly starved without giving food to dogs not to mention how would you train a dog to stay by you and not go attacking walkers plus unless done really well it would just be a bit corny. Also by this point how many dogs are going to be tame and still alive; there will be a few at maximum most will be feral by now.

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