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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Kenny is dead, but if he wasn't it'd ALWAYS be Lilly. Best character in the game imo..

    How was Kenny a good person, though? He left Lee to die on a number of occasions! And, he killed Larry when he could have been revived! Kenny is as much of a murderer as Lilly.

    • he killed Larry when he could have been revived!

      He could have been revived ? How do you know that ? Nobody knows. He looked dead, there was a solid reason to believe he was dead (heart attack), and therefore he was potentially a huge threat. You can accuse Kenny of having misjudged the situation (on what facts though?) and to have made too quickly his decision as he was freaking out, but you can't deny he believed he was saving everybody in the room from a horrible death at the hands of a huge zombie. For all we know, that may very well be the case, he might have saved us.

      Therefore -"Kenny is as much of a murderer as Lilly"- how do you even dare to compare Kenny's action with Lilly shooting Carley in the face as she posed absolutely no threat at the moment ?

      What was the justification to kill her here and now, just because she was pissed at her ? First she suspected Ben, then as soon Carley took his defense, suddenly Lilly thought it was Carley - talk about consistence... And even if she was so damn sure Carley was the one who traded food with the bandits, that was no reason to execute her on the spot - it was not a urgent situation, and certainly not a possible matter of life and death like in Kenny's situation.

      Kenny did what he firmly believed would save them from an imminent deadly peril, with not much time to think about it / Lilly executed someone in cold blood.

      (And might I remind you that Larry was the one who wanted to kill a small child while he was still breathing and conscious , and would have done it if nobody prevented him. If you had asked Larry what he would have done about a tall, big, muscled adult that felt unconscious, not breathing, and not a heartbeat, he would have said that the guy needed to be terminated on the spot. So one might say Larry was victim of his own philosophy)

      • BUT KENNY CAUSE LILY TO DO THAT! Lily was really nice before Episode 3 and Kenny messed that up by killing her dad right in front of her! She knew her dad had faults be he still was her dad and what Kenny was pretty horrific. And to put it back on Kenny, what if Duck was bitten? He would of been a threat to everyone in that room in Episode 1! So if Larry did kill Duck, he could of use the same excuse you are using for Kenny.

    • I love Lilly aswell, if she is in season 2 i'm going to see to it that i stay with Lilly til her last dying breath! (That sounded creepy lol)

  • To be honest I wouldn't be sure which to opt for, after EP 2 I was more sympathetic to Lilly than Kenny following him killing her father. Then Lilly killed Carley in EP 3 and boy did that tick me off. So I dunno. I think my gut would be Kenny to be saved. Even if I ended up disliking his morals I loved his character. But I was pretty much the same with Lilly. Kenny just happened to be about longer.

    • Yeah I totally see where your coming from. I know that if someone shot Lilly in cold blood I would of been pissed. I really liked her as a character but REALLY disliked her morals but stilled cared about her, kinda like you with Kenny. I guess I didn't care about Carley or Doug in my playthrough was because I didn't really care about him in the first lace. I didn't bother save Carley, A grown woman who cant turn on a radio wouldnt be helpful in the apocalypse imo. But I still see where your coming from.

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    kinglee BANNED

    I would pick Lilly. Lilly gave Clementine hair thingys to keep that hair short and neat.

  • Duhhhhh Kenny, I was team Kenny from the beginning, I've done 2 play throughs and in each one I couldn't force myself to side against him, to stare at his sad mustached face. ( lol don't judge). Something did happen whare as I skipped an episode witch resaulted in lee giving Larry CPR,
    And I see why so many people hate on him. But Kenny was so protective of duck and katjetta, I just know for a fact that Kenny would let nothing happen to Clem, he may even look at it as a second choice. And for Lilly she was a paranoid little witch

  • I would side with a walker before I ever sided with kenny. He is a horrible selfish scumbag who stabs people in the back the moment somebody disagrees with him about anything. Lilly actually gave a $#!% about the group and knows how to survive. Kenny only cares about himself and is a fool. But Kenny should remain dead anyway. In my and alot of other peoples opinion, if TT tries to change his story by bringing him back, it will be their biggest FAIL to date. His story is perfect the way it is.

    • Yes, a selfish person who in the end, saved a pregnant woman and decides to remain with a teenager to put him out of his misery. Yeah, that sounds like a evil person right? People can change too you know. And what other people's opinions? I never heard many people saying that Kenny being alive would be the biggest fail.

    • Kenny turning his back on Lee = it all depends on your playthrough, if you're loyal to him he's loyal to you and will follow you into hell

      Lilly turning her back on Lee = happens even if you were always loyal to her, bitch steals the RV no matter what and abandons you and Clem even if you wanted to follow her into hell

      ...Clementine will remember this

      • In one of my playthroughs I was a complete ass to Kenny and at the end he sided and stayed with me, I was like like WTF but Lilly was terrified, people do crazy things, out of character when they are under extreme pressure. I'll bet we'll be hearing apoligies when we see her again.

  • Lilly, obviously! She is such a complex character, I just love to hate her.

  • This would be a very easy choice for a lot of people though. Even Clementine witnessed what Lilly did to Carley/Doug, and how my Lee left her on the side of the road. She would NOT choose Lilly over Kenny I guarantee you.

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