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    it it may be the steve russell knows, thats with clementine

  • I guess Setev could come but I don't know... I think TT has too many charatchers from season 1 they will want to return in season 2, adn Seteve would just be another familiar charatcher instead of new ones, that must be what we will get the most ;)

    • That's the thing the name Steve has been mentioned only in passing for just a few seconds in Episode 1 and Russell's story in 400 days in terms of how much we know about him is almost nothing. We don't even know his face. Also if it is the same guy Carly seemed to care about him like he was a good guy but Russell hated him saying he was a 'bad dude' so the possibility is very interesting.

      • I honestly never associated Steve from season 1 to the guy from russel's story... But if it's the same guy I agree he should appear, it would be very interesting to see someone that Carley cared about and problably was a good guy and turned into a bad guy because of the world they are in... I would enjoy that

        • If we meet Steve, it would be really awkward telling him about Carley's death like Clem saying that she got shot by a woman from the group and than he decides to get revenge on the person who killed Carley.

          • Yeah that is one of the things that would make a relationship between them more interesting. If they met, and Steve was the same guy in both episodes, would he feel more affection towards Clem because of Carley and remember that he didn't always use to be a bad guy and did use to care about people.

            Basically it would make for an interesting dynamic.

  • That is some serious nit-picking. I never picked up on that but I'd say it's just a coincidence, and all this talk about characters from S1 returning, if it's like one character than good but honestly how many familiar faces could show up without people thinking "Man this must be a pretty tame apocalypse if this many people survived."

    • Yes this is one place I saw it. :)

    • I really didn't connected the guy to Steve from episode 1, but I really don't think that TT would make Russel teel that story, taht is mandatory in the game, you can't really go around it, if it didn't had an objective... So I'm guessing Clem will meet this group, specially because they want a seventh member. And if that's the case I think it will be great to the game ;)

      • it is defo something that may happen but don't think it will happen in episode 1 there may be some other circumstances to it also it depends on how the timeline works out for season 2 in relation to 400 days

  • Steve is a really smart guess. Why would they even mention him (more than once) if they weren't planning to show him eventually?

  • I hope so, I really wanted to know more about Steve and Russell's group. Also, I never even realized Carley mentioned that guy on her radio was Steve! Wow! I hope we found out more in Season 2 Episode 1 and who knows, that guy interrogating Clem could be Steve.

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