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    kinglee BANNED

    Telltale knows our Lee should have an impact on Clementine. If our Lee had no in season 2. That would be silly because season 1 was all about Lee and Clementine relationship.

  • Agree. I don't understand how "Clementine will remember that" will work in season 2 if we playing as Clem, and we will make decisions instead her.

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      kinglee BANNED

      Clementine will remember what our Lee said in season 2. If done right Clementine would say different things because what different Lees told her in season 1.

  • The "X will remember that" notifications should be removed, because they make no sense at all. I don't want to know what could happen from X action, from nothing to something. And it's even worse in this kind of situation when you see "Clementine will remember that" but then nothing happens because now you control her.

    At least an option to disable them should be handy.

  • Freedom of choice for a Season 2 and 'Clementine will remember that' aren't irreconcilable unless you believe children are like programmable robots who instantly obey when given instructions. If Lee taught her to be merciful, it doesn't mean that months of surviving under increasingly desperate circumstances wouldn't cause her to develop a ruthless streak. If Lee taught her to be ruthless, it doesn't mean that her seemingly inherent good nature wouldn't prevent her from going to the extremes her guardian sometimes resorted to.

    What absolutely must be there isn't Clementine slavishly doing exactly what Lee told her to do, but Clementine acknowledging in dialogue and (sometimes) behavior what she was told in Season 1, and if she does something different from what she was taught having some apparent explanation for why she is doing so.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    Season 2: Clem gets amnesia, rendering all your decisions in the first game relatively pointless.

  • Clementine will remember that. We played as Lee and made those choices. In season 2 we play as Clementine and we know what choices our Lee made, we remember, or perhaps don't, and by extension Clem doesn't because we're playing as her, and I suspect that is what will be reflected when we play as Clem in Season 2.

  • TTG has it covered, don't worried.

  • I guess a good way to make Clem "remember" what Lee taught her would be having different answer options popping up depending on the experiences made in S1.

    For example: Imagine you can choose between 4 different answer options, as you know one of these options is always 'silence', makes 3 left. 2 of the remaining anwser options are the same for everyone, no matter what you experienced. The last option depends on a choice made in a certain situation in S1. This made up scheme doesn't have to apply to every single choice screen, only in certain situations cohesive to the first Season. It's just a concept I think would make a good illusion of Clem remembering things and having the option of 'Lee's actions having an influence' like some of you would appreciate or rather being independant.

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