• really? I had no idea he was that powerfully, has bigby been tied to any other fables besides the three pigs and little redriding hood. I was wondering if " the boy who cried wolf" has any reason to hold a grudge.

  • He's not really a god, but he does fit the demi-god description. He is incredibly strong and has amazing wind powers, some of which he doesn't even use because he decided not to learn them. He is very powerful, and he's called by his fellow wolfmen the "god of the wolves", think of him as an Herculean figure

  • Bigby is a demigod pretty much it's never said that his father is a god but is god like and his mother was wolf not a spirit and as a cub he abandoned His fathers abilities all except his Huff-n-puff it seems like he used some shape shifting powers to grow bigger but that's up for debate Snow White cut him with a lycanthrope stained blade which I think was reverse psychology because he can shape shift into any form of a wolf he wants, the little witch I can not remember her name she even spoke with the other witches and said that he still has his fathers Inheritance but chooses never to use them and he never honed them either. So yes he is a demigod pretty much but no he is not a monster but likes for people to remember he can be one and since he can change into any form of a wolf yes u could say that he is part werewolf.

  • I thought Bigby's mother was just a plain old wolf. A beautiful female wolf but not anything unusual.

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