the man with the wounded leg!! found!!

edited November 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

OK listen i just re watched a video of some game play and noticed something early on in the game that maybe very important. so when bigby is on his way to cranes office and he pass three men in the hall, one is Grendel, one is the redheaded man some are call the boy who cried wolf, now though he stands out by popping all over the game following bigby it seems. i want you to take notice of the third man who is first in line, in a grey hat, green sports coat, and ohh whats this denim jeans with what looks like a bandaged knee on his left leg. This appears to be the only sighting of this fable and i also noticed he would not meet bigby's gaze i think he fit for placing faiths head infront of the woodlands


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