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tv show "The Walking Dead" has different meaning?

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Lately i've been seeing alot of people saying the tv show is a bad show, and I beg to differ. I think people think it's about just zombies, when that's not the case. Maybe "The Walking Dead" was ment to represent the people who are still alive and not the zombies, as in the few people who are left have lost their humanity, or will to live, thus they are walking dead. what do you think?

  • The walking dead doesn't refer to the zombies, it refers to the survivors because they're all infected. No matter how they die they will come back as a zombie unless someone destroys their brain. This goes for all media that is walking dead related.

  • that's basically what i'm saying, just different words. I just don't get why people don't like the show, but like the game. The comics are better of course but the show is still good, and it makes no sense to me why people don't like the show because "it doesn't have enough zombies" when it's about people. not walkers.

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    I think Rick Grimes agrees with you.

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    Issue 24.

    • i was just about to post that myself, you beat me to it.

  • Omae wa mo shindeiru, Ricku Grimesu-san

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