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    I like Telltale's older games as well but there is nothing wrong with them branching out. To play Devil's advocate, Sam and Max have got not two but three seasons. Obviously this is not bad in any way as I am a fan of the series, but still it's worth bringing up to make a point.

  • First of all - in future, please try to break up your text into paragraphs. It makes it a lot easier to read and understand, and will lead to you being taken more seriously as a result.

    Second - yes, Telltale has moved away from their earlier comedic point and click adventure games. There's not a single thing wrong with that - if it's what they want to do, then they have every right to do so. I agree it's a shame they're not making more Sam & Max games (especially when they seemed to have gotten the formulae down so perfectly), but there are other companies out there making games that fill that niche. I'd recommend the Deponia games for a start, along with my eternal favourite Jack Keane (which is on offer on Steam right now!)

    Third - Kevin Bruner (co-founder of Telltale) has admitted that games like The Walking Dead are more like RPGs than Adventure games. Take that as you will, but personally? I agree - they are.

    Fourth - The company is making games it - and its audience - want. That's just good business. People want more Walking Dead? They're getting it. People want more games that play LIKE The Walking Dead? We got The Wolf Among Us (a game I, and many others, rather enjoy). Season 2 is NOT a cash-in - they had a good idea for a way to continue the story that people became so invested in, and so that's what they're doing.

    Five - There is NO point five.

    Six - No poofters.

    Seven - I suspect we won't be seeing any more LucasArts franchises for a while, if at all, due to the Disney buy-out and the disbanding of LucasArts. Doesn't mean I don't WANT them, but getting the license to do them is going to be WAY harder now. -shrug-

  • There are plenty of companies making derivative point-and-click adventure games. Many of them suffer from the same problem: a lack of serious writing talent, which shows itself up particularly when they are supposed to be humorous. That's not to say that they all suffer from this, but I haven't seen any recently that come up to the standards that Telltale are setting.

    I'd love to see Telltale take a step back and develop a more traditional point-and-click, humorous adventure game. Ironically, the larger the studio gets, the more likely (in my opinion) it is that they'll be able to do this. Traditional adventure games clearly don't have the same sort of market that (say) TWD does, so aren't going to make as much money, and could be risky for a small company with big aspirations. However, a medium sized company like Telltale is becoming might have the capacity to take more risks while still producing their big-selling games like TWD and TWAU.

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