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  • My guess is still early December. We're definitely getting it this year, Christmas is around the corner. I have been waiting since November of last year for season 2. I am pumped!

  • Tweet some news Telltale.

  • Exactly! Some people need to chill the fuck out and stop acting like a bunch of know-it-alls.

  • while we wait heres some background music to listen too.

  • Are people in here seriously trying to act like the last two Sunday tweets from Telltale don't exist? I mean come on if you don't live in the US that is fine and all but the show here airs Sunday night when the tweets are posted. I'm sure there will be something tweeted tonight too. When Episode 3 of Season 4 of the show was airing they were messing with us big time they are perfectly aware of when they are posting these.....

  • That's two business days, Friday and Monday. I for one, am not working those days.

  • Sweating the small stuff?

  • If a bunch of little boys want to have a hissy fit, let 'em. You don't have to be here to participate or read it.

  • Now I don't want to seach TTG's whole Twitter history, so I have to trust your opservations.
    I could imagin, that more people tjek for info right after the tv show (because they are reminded prehaps?).If TTG know that there are an increased number of viewers right after the latest episode, it would make sence, if they prefer that time to give teasers and stuff.

    So I guess, that I am buying, what you are selling, given that your observations are correct. Just don't espect all of us to search the whole Twitter history. A lot of people are proberly following this discussion, because all the info usually gets posted very fast. I konw I am:)

  • We're just gunna have to wait and see tonight...but I think will get some more news, if not then I'm just gunna wait because I've gotten pretty good at that lately ;)

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    Telltale is probably gonna be like: "Coming Soon" when we get news again tonight or during the week. But then on perhaps November 21 they say something like: "Oh, by the way. Season Two is coming in three days", and release a launch trailer including screenshots. Telltale for you right there.

  • my body is ready
    if there is info

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  • Yea, hopefully we get some news tonight :)

  • Damn you Telltale, no news!

  • Man......this was a good episode too :(

  • So... disappointed. Well, another week of waiting. Let's hope for more next weekend then.

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    It was OK, needs more Lee and Clementine.

  • Telltale don't care about the fans.

  • This is so stupid. What is the harm of giving us a one line of detail about what is to come or even a screenshot or two for us to ponder over?

  • ...Are you serious? I'd hardly say that's the case at all

  • I am very disappointed, but that TWD episode makes up for it!

  • If so why don't they give us new news.

  • Because they are saving news for later. A lack of information doesn't mean they don't care. They will talk when they are ready.

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    Don't mope t€€here is only one month period till the end of the fall. Plus€€, maybe there will be something along with the GOTY edition release.

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    I don't think the folks posting are moping. I think they are simmering....

    I've lived in a few parts of the USA. I have never spent too much time outside the states.

    I think a good portion of the folks in the states don't like descriptive words like "soon" or "close" to be used in situations where the event or end game is a long way off.

    For example if I tell my son in high school Friday will be here soon he handles that fine. Even is he has a hell of a week coming up,

    If I tell him summer will be here soon it only pisses him off....

    I think that's what is happening. The repetitive use of words like soon and close have made things worse because readers in the forum focus on the word soon instead of the "it will be out by the end of the year / Christmas".

  • STILL no console announcements? At least most of you know for sure you will be able to play it with in a month or two.

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    I tell you what worries. Delay. That worries me the most. The clock is ticking. TTG is creating and releasing TWAU. I know there are separate departments working on different games but TTG is not EA Games I think this side by side game creating is a huge accomplishment and undertaking.

    Here is some interesting history for you from TWD s1.

    "22 MAR 2012 Telltale Games' Playing Dead series shows us the game, explains the story and gets Robert Kirkman's thoughts." Link

    I believe the gameplay preview was almost 2 mins long.

    TWD episode 1 was released 4/24/2012 on the PC and PSN almost a month after the first substantial game play reveal. I think the first talking dead on was 3/16/2012.

    So where is the season 2 promotion stuff. I'm not talking about the reveal trailer and the few screen shots. But the actual game sites previews and stuff like that with game play.

    The pre-order option for season 2 coupled with the soon's and close's thrown around have created a lot of speculation on the release date. UntilI the previews and gamer site promotions start I still worry.

    I got to thinking did TTG ever confirm that TWAU and TWD episodes would be released month after month? A example would be TWAU ep1 released one month then TWD released the next?

    It is plausible that TWD S2 Ep1 might not be released until after TWAU releases it's 2nd episode. I think a lot of folks are assuming that TWD ep1 will be released before TWAU ep 2.

  • soon is a relative word. without something to compare it with, it doesn't mean much. If season 2 is coming soon relative to next week, people would be happy. If season 2 were coming soon relative to say... the year 2015, people wouldn't be happy. As Einstien once said, "it's all relative"

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    First, do some research on Telltale's twitter, second I'm sure you are smart enough to remember when we got the teaser for the reveal trailer.


    Did zombies eat your guy's brains? We HAVE been getting info on sundays.

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how stupid do you guys feel right now?

  • Almost as stupid as your mom!

  • Uh, 1? I wasn't expecting news tonight, just backing up the fact that we have been getting it the last few sundays. On a scale of 1 to 10, how pointlessly rude is your comment?

  • Can we keep the insults to an absolute minimum, please?

    Yes, there hasn't been a twitter yesterday. But that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any info for an entire week, because info can come anytime, anyplace.

    You know, there even was a time when Telltale didn't exactly make announcements of their announcements.

  • Yes. OK. Enough. There's completely no need to start a flame war for the reason that people were or were not expecting Walking Dead news from Telltale on twitter.

  • Where I come from it's three business days. Friday, Monday and Tuesday. I for one might be working those days. ;-)

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