Season 2 Episode 1/Retail Release Discussion: Out Now: PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android



  • Thanks! This helps a lot! I Was just thinking of all the possible survivors yesterday..

  • I think you're missing out Alexia!

  • I have to be honest though this is the worst I have seen TTG updating fans. The so called hyped BIG NEWS was eh. Alright for some but lacking for others. Since then there has been really nothing but some coming soon's. Where are those talking dead webcasts for the game in production? And who said the game was sent out to be certified? Last I saw the exact wording was it was close.

    Don't be suprised with the lack of information trickling out of the TTG camp if the following gets updated discreetly in the FAQ section

    When will episode one of Season Two be available to download?
    Episode one will be available to download early 2014 with subsequent episodes becoming available 6 – 8 weeks apart.

  • Geez, and I always thought I'm just the only one who's not satisfied with the BIG NEWS they've gave us. I hope it's not early 2014.. It's really alarming that they're not releasing more teasers or screenshots when it's only less than 50 days before Christmas. But I AM PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THIS GAME but PLEASE TELLTALE, GIVE US SOME GOOD NEWS.. :)

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    @CiscoKidd81 wrote: I have to be honest though this is the worst I have seen TTG updating fans.

    I've seen "worse". And wasn't bothered. Because I actually liked the times when it was possible that Telltale started a game series the following month but hadn't announced the franchise yet. It kind of concentrated the expectations and the waiting on the entire company instead of a single IP.

    @Clem4ever wrote: It's really alarming that they're not releasing more teasers

    Teasers cost time to make. And with such a small team at work, you may directly add this time to the prospected release window, and no one wants that.This close to release, the only teaser they are even halfway thinking of is the one you'll get at release.

  • It really wouldn't take long at all for them to screencap a few shots from in game and put them up every now and again :/

  • No, they said before Christmas, so it's going to be December 24, 2013, at 23:59.

  • Well, regarding the date, it could be December 23rd or 24th for all we know - they are both before Christmas.

    That kind of adds to the incredibly bad feedback to the community - the big news was a half-assed trailer and the fact that we are going to play as Clem (which is less than okay to say the least, but that's another discussion) - at this time, essentially a month before release I would have expected more trailers, chatting with the community from some of the developers, podcasts, big banners across websites, commericals in magazines, news and essentially someone screaming from Mount everest that season 2 is coming - and to the least, a goddamn fixed release date. This constant silence from TTG is infuriating and a lot of more casual gamers might very well forget about the whole thing and go to other games and other developers. In short, this is a very bad market strategy from Telltale I'm sorry to say.

    Sure, I know TTG is a small company, but that doesn't excuse the total lack of feedback. Season 1 was a smash hit, with what, 80-90 Game of the Year Awards? It sold very well too, so the least they could do would be to hire someone to you know, take care of the PR department.

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    Well, just my cup of tea, a game as big as this should be promoted months before the release. And for them not to release teasers, that is alarming. Well, maybe they're pretty sure and confident that many gamers are pre-ordering it because this game is exceptional. Though, I think they shouldn't let their fans be disappointed.

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    While I would not turn away any sort of info for S2, I'm content with what we've gotten already. Please, please keep in mind this is just my personal preference when it comes to these types of games. A full length trailer or loads of screenshots is immensely spoiling to me of what's coming. I'm not saying they shouldn't release more, but I would be soo damn tempted to watch it.Just watch the episode 5 trailer and tell me it did not give away way too much. .
    What I want more than anything, really, is a release date!

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    @Warge wrote: Well, regarding the date, it could be December 23rd or 24th for all we know - they are both before Christmas.

    Yes, but they don't fit into Telltale's now-usual release schedule (adjusted to Sony's NA releases on Tuesday and Xbox' Wednesday/Friday releases). If they're really really REALLY going for the latest possible date, my hypothesis would be that Microsoft insists on an episode 1 Friday release before PSN in exchange for the later ususal Tuesday PSN/Wednesday XBL schedule. That would make the latest possible PC/Xbox date the Friday, December 20th. But in this scenario, PSN NA would release ON the 24th of December, and I don't believe that is a possibility.

    So, cranking the 'latest release' hypothesis back a week, I propose the theory of some certainty that "before X-mas" means December 13th Xbox/PC/Mac and December 17th PSN North America AS THE LATEST POSSIBLE RELEASE DATE.

    I could be wrong of course, but that's how I see it at the moment.

  • It's going to be released in the next couple of weeks (5 weeks at most!). How is that not enough for you people?!

  • Some of us has been waiting for this game a much longer period than you, Alexia.

  • We never said it was sent out, we said "it's probably still being submitted"

  • True. I had to wait for episodes 4-5 back in october 2012. Been waiting for Season 2 since November 20, 2012.

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    they need to put out more info

  • They will. Just not right now. Game's not quite finished yet.

  • Patience is key, ive been at a point of waiting for season1 ep 1 so its not so bad right now. Its way better than after ep 1 where ep 2 was delayed an no word was given of the progress.

  • Episode Five of the first season was released exactly a year ago in nine days. Let's hope they say something or release something in nine days. That is on a Thursday. Perhaps on the weekend to follow?

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    they should give us more pictures, it's not that hard

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    Funny story, I actually got the game the day before the poster that was essentially teasing the teaser trailer for Season 2(in other words, I got TWD two days before the Season 2 trailer) and I am dying for Season 2, or at least some info about it. Probably due to me never having experienced the long, hard wait for a TWD Episode before now. But it's annoying, because I am positive that if they had just kept quiet about Season 2 until its release, I wouldn't be dying forit. I would just be fine and happy with Season 1 and 400 Days until the surprise release of Season 2 Episode 1.

  • Maybe we should start harassing Playstation Network and XBox Live instead of Telltale. They're the ones who Telltale's waiting on for release dates, after all. :p

  • So you do acknowledge that it is harassment?

  • Dude, I put the "raspberry" emoticon in there for a reason. And just for the record, harassment would be tracking down the addresses of Telltale employees and leaving flaming poop-bags on their doorstep. All we're doing is getting a little pissy on a public forum. Are we even allowed to do THAT?

  • Nah Telltale can easily put up new photos. It's would not give away to much.

  • Has Telltale ever let any of you down?
    It will be worth the wait so wait a little bit longer.

  • Dude, I put the "raspberry" emoticon in there for a reason.

    We're really lacking emoticons on this forum. I was KIDDING. Ok?

  • this is stupid

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    I miss dancing guybrush....
    Alt text

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    Some of us has been waiting for this game a much longer period than you, Alexia.

    Lmao, what?!?! Did you get to play the 1st season before the rest of us did? Get over yourself.

  • they are just saying telltale is taking forever to give us a real date

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    I thought it was being released this month. Did everyone forget about the Steam preorder thing?

    The wiki even says that
    "an official release date has not been announced yet, but it is confirmed that the first episode will be released sometime in November 2013."

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    Read the stickied FAQ under (11). FAST.

  • Oh, I see. I'm still going to hope for before the end of this month.

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    You're being a bit rude if I may say so.

    The 'FAST.' thing is a completely unnecessary threat.

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    @AlexiaKlattenhoff And your reputation precedes you in a very negative way.

  • He's not "rude", he's just... a moderator. That's how they are.

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