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Season 2 Episode 1/Retail Release Discussion: Out Now: PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android

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Since episode 1 is not out yet for everyone, please keep spoilers out of this topic as a courtesy to those who haven't played it yet. Thank you.

Close, so close now... if you just can't take it anymore, just vent a bit in here.

(Sorry for starting a new thread so suddenly. I think I accidentally deleted the old one this morning. :( )

Release Dates

December 17, 2013: PC, Mac, PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in North America
December 18, 2013: PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in Europe, Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 Worldwide, iOS on iTunes App Store
April 22, 2014: PlayStation Store on PlayStation Vita in North America
April 23, 2014: PlayStation Store on PlayStation Vita in Europe
May 10, 2014: Amazon Kindle Fire (HD or HDX devices, 2nd generation and up), Amazon Fire TV
June 25, 2014: Android on Google Play

Retail Release Dates

  • Xbox 360 and PS3 (North America) - October 14, 2014
  • Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (Europe) - October 17, 2014
  • Xbox One and PS4 (North America) - October 21, 2014
  • Xbox One and PS4 (Europe) - October 24, 2014
  • Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (Germany) - November 15, 2014
  • Playstation Vita (North America) - November 4, 2014

Trailers, Info, and More for Episode 1



Twitter Impressions

  • @osteoferocious: Just got to play Episode 1 of #TheWalkingDead Season 2 from @telltalegames, and all I can say is god bless you magnificent bastards.

  • @MatthewBurnside: My early review of Ep 1 of Walking Dead S2 by @telltalegames: I spilled coffee on myself. @thegynomite jumped. We both screamed in agony!!!

  • @LucasSiegel: Yes, I've played The Walking Dead S2E1. Yes, you'll get my review soon. Yes, I'm still recovering emotionally 2.5 days later. @telltalegames

  • Might as well say somewhere between 2013 and 2014.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    "Right now I feel like a rabbit trying to get a carrot. I know I can get the carrot, but the guy with a stick is smart enough to know I can't".

  • Any chance of getting it on GOG?

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      I would SO love that. But, no, at least not upon its original release. Season 1 is still not up on, although most other Telltale games are. Let's hope for a better cooperation in the future...

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Have this ever crossed your mind? As we all know Telltale must have submitted Season Two to their partners by now. This means the game is finished. It can't get any better or worse; So why waiting to December when the game is finished? Submitting takes about two weeks, and Telltale was about to submit around the same time we got the reveal trailer. I still think we'll be getting something interesting this weekend after the show, or some day next week. According to Telltale the wait after the game getting approved "won't be long". Don't make sense to wait... Unless it takes months to prepare the final trailers.

  • I haven't seen anything from TT saying it was sent in yet. That's just an assumption. Unless i'm missing something I wouldn't count on it any time in the next few weeks. Just being realistic. Wish I were wrong though. EDIT: unfortunately "before Christmas" isn't anything new, because Fall ends before Christmas.

  • My guess is still Tuesday the 12th (4 days away) I think they announce the release date Sunday along with a new trailer..

    • If it hasn't even been sent in yet, there's a very high chance your going to be disappointed. just a heads up. The 12th is an extremely unlikely date for a release. Maybe a few weeks from now if we are lucky, but 4 days from now is dreaming. (but hey, it's been said that dreams can come true!) That would be a pleasant surprise though.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Right now I see alot of assumptions about it hasn't been sent in for approval... It's just as bad as assuming it has been sent in by looking at your comments. Some of you should make up your minds.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I can't speak for everyone else, but the point I was making is that no one knows for certain. Why is everyone getting so defensive about this? If they want to let us know, they'll let us know.

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        I guess because someone make an assumption, then another one make another assumption in return. Right now it's about the game being approved by Telltale's partners, and I believe it has been sent, and you perhaps don't. We defend our own assumptions and it eventually turn into a fight. If we could leave each other's opinions alone it'd make it so much better. I like being optimistic; keeping the spirit up. Hope for the best, and expect the worst. You maybe like being realistic and accept facts, but still unconfirmed facts like me and my optimism. :)

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          That's fine. I don't have a problem with people being optimistic. It just seems like whenever I try to point something out that supports the possibility the game might come later than sooner, people seem to jump to the conclusion that I am being rude/sarcastic/passive aggressive to them whereas I am just trying to point out something for the sake of discussion.

          I honestly don't intend to come off as rude or sarcastic in my posts when I point out that the game might not come out soon as we like, but it seems like people unfortunately misinterpret my dissenting opinion as rudeness or passive aggression or something along those lines.

          • Clearly people are pretty divided, however... I don't think they are misinterpreting what you say. I think they are downvoting you simply for suggesting the game isn't coming out tomorrow, this week, or this month. I think it's a petty thing to thumb down for, when you're just giving your realistic expectation for release which could be completely correct because we have no idea!

    'Soon they say'

  • It's funny to know how we, fans, have different opinions about the Walking Dead characters , yet we are united while waiting for a release date. :)

  • yea people downvote over the most petty things here. But oh well, if there is a button there will always be some people who will feel the need to push it. I don't think TT will do the same thing they did with 400 days though, they will want the release to be hyped alot more than 400 days was.

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