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Are we going to see Little Mermaid? *probably spoilers*

posted by Clem4ever on - Viewed by 1.3K users

Okay, I'm not pretty familiar on The Wolf Among Us comic books and I just started playing episode 1 some time ago. I am pretty clueless and that's why I'm asking if we're gonna meet Ariel or The Little Mermaid here? Or can anyone tell me who are the other fairy tale characters are present here. :)

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    The 'Little Mermaid' has a wee bit of a problem to just turn up in the Fables game. In Hans Christian Andersen's original story (in which the mermaid has no name IIRC, "Ariel" being a Disney invention), things don't end too well for the character. She's not dead, but, neither human nor mermaid either.

    It would of course be valid if Telltale showed the character in her spirit form. So don't rule out anything yet. They've dug deep into fairytale history with Allerleirau already. ;)

  • I don't know about the Little Mermaid, but I have been going crazy trying to figure out the "My lips are sealed" clue and this jogged an idea. The Sea Witch might be a candidate for a spell of silence--it is kinda her M.O.

  • What if that "lips are sealed" clue refers to a mute character? Are there any fairytale characters that cannot talk at all?

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