• When you mention to Prince Lawrence that his wife is 'missing', he mentions Georgie. Someone else mentioned Georgie Porgie could be/probably is the pimp. I do think "these lips are sealed" is a spell arranged by the pimp.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      Good point. I forgot that on my second play through. He does mention that. I suppose we will meet the pimp in the next eposide. It's nearly impossible to try figure it out from first episode. Though I would say, the community is doing a good job at trying.

      Clue A: Georgie

      Clue B: These lips are sealed

      The next episode is named Smoke and Mirrors. Hopefully, that will give us more information to go on.

      • "These lips are sealed",Smoke and Mirrors and the Pimp

        these major hint/clues will more then likely be in ep 2.I think that it will be in a different way then people might think though.If i was going to be a "Mass Murderer" i wouldn't use my own "supplies/product" i would use someone else s.I would use a pimps "working girl" and pay the pimp off to keep him quit,like a middle man.I would also put a spell on that girl or girls so they wouldn't talk.That way if things go bad i can cut my ties(if the pimp didn't know who i was)and make him the fall guy,hint the title Smoke and Mirrors.
        p.s-if i didn't make sense im sorry

  • Is it just me or do a lot of characters (especially the hookers) smoke in this game? I do think Smoke and Mirrors has double meaning. A smoking mirror is also a disguise/ruse to detract from the truth, an illusion. The Mirror must play a large part, too.

  • Yeah that phrase has some meaning for sure. Also when you find Faith's head at the doorstep the ring has been put in her mouth. I think that has some meaning to the mystery as well.

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    It sucks when you hear it from a prostitute.

  • This is not really related, but "These Lips are Sealed" can be anagramed into "A Pester Lie Headless"

    • Or "Headless lies a Peter"! Nah. I'll get my coat.

    • I bet it has something to do with it, Wuzhles you are the first person to bring that up.

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        fusedmass BANNED

        Does anyone know how much Glamour cost. They were complaining about paying it. Who exactly sells it and why was toad complain, I'm curious.

        • I believe Toad was complaining about Glamour as he mentioned early on in the game that the price keeps getting higher, yet the quality keeps going down.

          Well thats what I got in my playthrough, not sure about yours though.

        • Here's a description from the game about Glamour:

          Glamours are spells that allow the user to change their appearance. They are expensive, but can be purchased by non-human Fables in order to pass for human among the mundies. Cheap glamours can be found in the seedier parts of Fabletown, but they are often unreliable and prone to sudden failure.

          No idea how much it costs and if the fables use money as their currency to get a Glamour. Bigby adviced Toad to visit a witch to get a Glamour, so I expect they are the ones who sells it (and perhaps creates it as well).

          • I haven't read the comics but it seems possible to me that Glamour is obtainable from other sources, less authentic sources. Maybe there are reputable witches and disreputable witches, I don't know.

    • you never know,it is a spell to keep them quit.....so it might be something

  • I never thought of "these lips are sealed" as a spell, but that's an interesting possibility. I did notice it and figured it may be an old fairy tale rhyme I wasn't familiar with. Sort of like a "slang" term for Fables that they all understood.

  • Or Bigby cursed himself and therefor anything to do with Faith ends up with the saying "these lips are sealed". It is complex though. Tear off Grendel's arm to read Bigby's Vengeance entry. From that entry look up Bigby's father remembering that the donkey in Faith's story shit gold. One tale fits.

  • you do raise a valid point because when talking to the mirror you can ask to see faiths father...and he's dead so "these lips.." Must be a spell

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      fusedmass BANNED

      It means..something.

      These lips are sealed..missing something...they're sealed. How does the mirror say these lips are sealed.

      Through powerful magic their ..something concealed, sadly for you these lips are sealed.

      Means something. Just not looking at it the right way.

  • All of you are talking about the glamour,mirror but the bodies where are they? where is snow and faith's body? maybe there is a spell that gives you a fable's head we need to find the bodies first and then see if they are dead or not (btw i havent read a single comic about fables :P)

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