What is it on Toad Juniors' shirt?

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Have you ever asked yourself what picture it is supposed to be on TJ's shirt?
Any ideas?


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    Looks like a lily pad with the universal No symbol over it. Don't know why he's anti-lily pads, though. I mean, I know they're usually closely linked to amphibians (usually frogs), but I'm not sure why TJ would be wearing a shirt with one crossed out.

    Maybe it's just a little nod to his amphibian nature.

  • Anti-lily? Maybe he's played Episode 3 of the Walking Dead...

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    Lol. Well, if that's the case I know how he feels. :)

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    Good one. Though I am not convinced that it's a lily-pad, yet. Must be something else

  • Well its definitely a water lily, not sure why it would have a no symbol around it, maybe its means no swamp or something like that

  • Could be. Maybe it's because he's a city toad and he doesn't want to live in a swamp or whatever.

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    I thought it was just a joke about how he was supposed to conceal his "toad" side and appear as a human from glamor (or alternatively because he has to live in the slums instead of the homelands).

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    I have to find a screenshot. It looked like a green sphere with light green bubbles in the upper left corner AFAIR

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    Ok guys, sorry: It definately looks like a water lily, you were right:

    Alt text


  • He hates nature. I understand him.

  • Or maybe it's an ironic t-shirt just like every other kid has, I think people are looking too hard for mysteries. Especially since the season just began.

  • What about the simple fact that he doesn't want to go to the Farm. "Do you want a Big Bad Wolf to take you away? No. Then get the fuck back inside." remember this conversation between Toad and Toad Jr.

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