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Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.

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It is about 3 months since the release of episode one. I think it is fair to say that the episode is delayed, however due to lack of information, we have no idea how much.

The latest update was given along with 2 screenshots the 6th of December. The update promised a new update after the holidays. We currently do not know, if this update will be an actual release date or not.

Update: Kevin Bruner, President and Co-Founder of Telltale, has just started a new thread with the latest info here. Feel free to continue the discussion there!

  • I'm sorry but this has become increasingly obnoxious. We pay for a whole season, way before we even get a chance to play the entire thing. Yet, we are not even granted the common courtesy of information? We payed for the product you should at least give us a release date. Not make us log on to live on a daily basis to see if it was released. Or come on here daily in prayer of an answer.

    • Yep n thing that makes it worse is that face of Xbox and PSN what i have it on comes out later than the PC release, so say they give us a date for PC, but than it takes a week for xbox or psn to get it :/

    • They can't give us a fixed date but I fully agree that since we've paid for something we should at least be given updates to how it's coming along. Not just almost total silence til the last minute :\ I'd settle for a couple of concept art pics or just a 'we're at This stage now, so we're on target' or something. Anything. Please?

  • I didnt play the walking dead until well after all l 5 episodes were released, and i seems i should've done this same with this one. Then i could get all the glitchy typo-filled goodness at once!

    But telltales marketing games with the release dates of their products is really getting old. Its gone from a good tactic to build anticipation to being just flat out annoying. Wake me up after its all out.

  • Expect the game between next week and the 2nd week in December, I know it sucks to wait but there are plenty of games to play in the mean time. I have found a few of my favorite games in times like this, where I was waiting for a certain game to come out and had "nothing" to play.. Go to your local gamestop and pick up a game or 2 you have never played for 8-12 bucks

  • I'm not guessing. I come, I check, I leave. ONE of these days, I'm going to be an ecstatically happy camper. In the meantime... life beckons.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    @Mr_Bigby_Wolf wrote:

    I'm New Here And If This Is The Wrong Place To Post And All I Aplogize But I Just Was Wondering Why Telltale Has Not Gave Us Any News On My Game TWAU Or The Second Season Of The Walking Dead Can Anyone Shine Some Light On This For Me So I Know Whats Up Again I Aplogize If This Is The Wrong Place And All But Thanks If U Can Help

    Welcome to the Telltale Community.

    You did quite right to post here. Telltale are in full swing, and are currently working with both The Walking Dead: Season Two, and The Wolf Among Us. Both games are anticipated to come before Christmas 2013. Telltale staff member puzzlebox posted the following in their blog on November 21:

    "It's busy times indeed here at Telltale HQ as we prepare for the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead: Season Two... more news on that in the coming weeks!"

    Right now, Telltale use something they call radio silence, when they're finishing up the game, play-testing, awaiting for approval from their partners. They are basically waiting for the partners to return it and they'll be able to put a release date. We should not expect anything from them regarding The Walking Dead until there are only a few days left to the release day. However, puzzlebox also said that we will get teasers about The Walking Dead in the weeks to come before the release.

    I'd definitely expect us to be teasing a little more before then.

    • So Would We Be Getting TWAU Episode 2 This Coming Week Of Thanksgiving? And Prolly Get TWD Season 2 Like Maybe With A Week Or Two Before Christmas?

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        Technically, Telltale only have about four weeks from tonight to release both games before Christmas. The odds are good for a release of any game in one or two weeks, and the next game one week later. I don't think Telltale want to release their games the week before Christmas as the game would hit the Christmas sales and discounts too early for them to make any good profit the first weeks.

        We should get The Walking Dead before The Wolf Among Us as the release order for both series probably will be something like:

        TWAU 1 - TWD 1 - TWAU 2 - TWD 2 etc.

        • I Just Know I'm Ready For Both Of Em What Sucks Is Trying To Keep My Mind Busy Because I Really Wanna Play Em But It's Like I Check This Site Every Couple Of Hours Just To See If Anything New Is Going On But Failing Horriably I Keep Looking Thinking Is Today The Day Nope Damn It LOL Thank U Though For The Info Just A Waiting Game Now

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            FreddeN93 BANNED

            You're not the only one mate. I always keep this forum open in the background when using the computer, refreshing with wide intervals. Try to get yourself occupied with another game meanwhile. I play Skyrim to kill hours. Other than that, we're all playing the waiting game. The Waiting Dead

            • Yeah I Just Got Done With AC 4 Black Flag And I Loved The Story The Ending Pissed Me Off But Eh (Oh Sorry I Don't Know If We Are Aloud To Talk About Other Games Sorry) But Um Yeah The Game Glitched Cause I'm Somewhat Of A Trophy Hunter On My PS3 Like Not Bragging LOL Just Yeah Just Waiting Like The Dead I Guess

  • i think episode two smoke and mirrors might not be out until the console wars die down with xbox one out today and the ps4 in Europe next week telltale don't want to push people back in the 7th gen gameing until the buzz has died down

    • Geez I really HOPE thats not the reason, they should know one game hell not even a full game at that would stop people from buying what they are gonna buy, personally if that is the case infact than I am sorta sad and disappointed in TellTale for really thinking it would matter, who cares about console wars? Would never think a dev would none less a company whose games are not even out on said console.

  • i hope that episode two will be released this week, i played the entire first season of TWD when all the 5 episodes where already released so i am not used to have to wait to play an entire game. It´s kinda annoying to me, i hope i can get along well but the waiting is killing me :p

    • Indeed. Im holding off on this game until all the episodes are released. TTG will be loose with their release dates and quality control because they know they can be. People will still buy the games, anyway. They're giving their costumers the "Apple treatment" with their current stream of products and i agree it is annoying. Plenty of other stuff to play in the meantime.

  • This is gonna sound stupid but think on it, thought of this when outside looking at the moon haven a cig,
    You all noticed how Bigby at the trailer for ep 2 was more in his werewolf type form than full on wolf form right? Well since he looks the typical werewolf, normally in lore werewolves turn under the full moon, so what if TellTale is going off of that and waiting till the full moon to release ep2?

    Werewolf=Full Moon
    Full Moon=Episode 2 due to how Bigby looks in trailer?
    Profit= ????

  • oh alright i thought u sayed the ending was kinda meh :)

  • Stop writing Like That, it's really annoying.

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