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Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.

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It is about 3 months since the release of episode one. I think it is fair to say that the episode is delayed, however due to lack of information, we have no idea how much.

The latest update was given along with 2 screenshots the 6th of December. The update promised a new update after the holidays. We currently do not know, if this update will be an actual release date or not.

Update: Kevin Bruner, President and Co-Founder of Telltale, has just started a new thread with the latest info here. Feel free to continue the discussion there!

    • Can you really trust them though?

      • It does say in the FAQ's: As a consequence, fixed dates will only be announced mere days before an episode releases (in Telltale's blog, or possibly on IGN). Don't ever believe dates given by various unofficial sites! These are nothing but estimates, placeholder dates and possibly wishful thinking.

        According to the FAQ's, IGN is an official site where TTG "may" let them know the release date before they say so in their blog. It seems likely the date is to be the real release but still not sure. I'll just wait and see.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          No, IGN is not an official site, but they are known to cooperate with Telltale and have in some instances managed to announce a proper release date before Telltale did. But as long as they don't make a formal announcement in a separate article, what we have there is...

          ... a placeholder date. :(

          • Okay. I wasn't sure so thanks for clearing that up : )

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              Jennifer Moderator

              Large gaming sites should only be considered as reliable if the dates listed are backed up by an official statement by a Telltale staff member or an official Telltale press release. Otherwise, they should just be considered guesses.

              Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity in the language of our unofficial FAQ. I've updated it with wording which hopefully explains the situation better.

    • Only says that because they have it being released in November so they just put the release date as the last day in November

    • Accidental double post

    • I think TTG would tell their own fans before they told other companies first. It's probably not a reliable source.

      Hey, at least it's something though.

  • It had better be longer and more worthwhile than the first episode. If it's not, then let the fanbois support you instead of the gamer community.

    • I'm not sure what sort of value you expect that would suddenly make the length and "worthwhile"ness of the game meet your standards. The season pass -- which basically constitutes the full game -- is $20. Each episode is, minimum, 1-2 hours long, making this an 8-10 hour game, and that's presuming you don't take into account the multiple narrative paths that decisions lead to (changing or precluding entire arcs of the story). There are plenty of full-price retail games that offer less than that, and there are plenty of similarly-priced PSN or XBLA titles that don't even come close. Heck, Bioshock Infinite's season pass is the same price, and their recent DLC is completely exhausted in three hours. Or the game Contrast that just came out -- 15 dollars, roughly 3 hours. Comparatively TTG provides a tremendous amount of value and "worth" in their episodes. The "gamer community" will continue to support them just as vehemently as it has been.

      (and yes, I did finally decide to create an account here just because I needed to address this)

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      It had better be longer

      Won't happen. Telltale now aims at some kind of 'story game', and that necessarily comes with a different idea of timing. Back in the days of Sam & Max, where the pacing in the game was more in the hands of the player, and actual puzzle content was used, an episode could easily have three or four hours of fun. They're increasingly condensing that experience to be as story-driven as humanly possible. As AK_Bogert brought up the comparison: if you cut out the exploration and shooter sequences (which isn't the direction of Telltale presently) out of Bioshock Infinite, you get 3.5 hours of story out of the whole game. That's the general idea when we're discussing how long these episodes should be.

      A good story can't be stretched ad infinitum. Many stories are good simply because the writer applied heavy cuts to what she had perceived as an epos in the first place. A simple space opera with a bit of fairytale in the mix, what a great movie - five movies, dozens of novels, TV series, a hundred games later, nothing but the empty shell of a once great franchise. A 250 page children's story, one of the greatest pieces of British Literature - a 10 hour movie adaptation of the same work, about the worst dramaturgy known to man.

      Telltale HAS to keep their storytelling concise. It's an absolute must to keep their fans craving for more.

      • I'd dispute the reduction of storytelling in Infinite more thoroughly were it not so tangential to the thread. But beyond the general exposition throughout the course of the game are the copious audio diaries, and beyond either of those is a (rather extraordinary, compared to most games) rich tapestry of environmental storytelling. Buildings, posters, environments, etc. work together to tell stories about the people and places the game brings you across, so I think "cutting out the exploration sequences" and saying what's left is the story is not a valid thing to do. The exploration, whether you're conscious of it at the time or not, is actually part of Irrational's storytelling design.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          No need for the dispute; of course these exploration sequences are an integral part of Infinite, and to reduce the display of the environment to some seconds in a condensed video of the proceedings doesn't do them justice, really. In Telltale's games, however, you don't really have the ability to experience environments in a similar way, thus reducing the impact of exploring or 'just watching' the backdrops.

          • Quite true. I suppose my dispute stemmed from the implication of your words that Bioshock Infinite ultimately offered less storytelling (if we call it 3.5 hours) than even two episodes of, say, TWD.

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              Vainamoinen Moderator

              The problem might be that we can't really put a time stamp on the amount of 'storytelling' in a game if parts of the plot are skillfully told through the player's exploration instead of cutscenes. The editor of that 3.5 hour Infinite youtube video saw that problem; he often had to cut in gameplay scenes to make the plot understandable. This is all sadly lacking from Telltale's games and their cinematic approach at the time. The actual moments of discovery are scarce, while they literally 'make the game' in Infinite (which I never played 'cause I don't do Steam ;) ).

              • To bad Vain. As a fan of the storydriven way TTG make their games, you are bound to enjoy Bioshock Infinite- especially the DLC.

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                  Vainamoinen Moderator

                  Yeah, I noticed. ;) Then again, I'm spending more than enough time playing games already, maybe it's not too bad that the industry preselects games I get to play and some I do not. But I went through 3.5 hours of painfully streamed youtube videos and I'm giving away a Bioshock Infinite artbook for Christmas, so the impact of this game hasn't exactly escaped me. ;)

                  • Good to know:) As a long time Bioshock fan, I have a hard time knowing, what I like most TTG games or Bioshock games. Bioshock has better quality gaming, and the gameplay are very fun. However TTG release more frekvently, and they deliver a story, there is just about as good as the Bioshock story. And the story is the most important part to me.

                    Conclusion TTG and Irrational should make a game together:)

  • I Know I'm Just Ready For The Second Episode And TWD Season 2 I Wonder If They Will Have Any Teasers When TWD Show Airs Tomorrow?

  • well with all this waiting, i guess i could get a steady job in the

  • Well with one week to go it surely can't be any longer. Well that's what I'm hoping.

    According to steam TWD season 2 has been pushed into December anyway which I kind of like since I can play each episode a month if TTG stays on track. With the greatest of respects to them that is unlikely.

  • Taking time to make the next EP properly and having radio silence and leaving your costumers in doubt are 2 completely different things.
    I bought TWD2 the moment a steamfriend showed it to me, it would be coming this month. Now it is already pushed back to "coming in December". WTF?
    And about TWAU EP2.. Well, if this 4 to 7 week thing is real they are kind of late too. I wonder what is going on and I would prefer transparency over this path they took. Doesn't bring them more customers..

    • right, my bad.

    • Giving an ETA and then pushing it back makes people even angrier though, trust me. better to wait until you are 100% sure when you are going to release the episode before saying anything.

      What do you expect them to do, keep coming up with some bull unsure release dates? Or just work on the game and announce when they know the actual release date?

  • Maybe I didn't understand right but telltale says on twitter that no game will be released next week.That would mean that everything will be released in December.I think it's nice of them to let us know instead of letting us hope in vain but the wait is becoming harder day by day for me because I really expected a release of episode 2 next week.I think that I will wait until all episodes are out to play this game because I don't really like episodic games.

    • Yeah, we need a lot of patience when we wait for TellTale games. But we all know the waiting is worth it. ;)

    • I know, that I'm proberly wierd or something, but I kind of consider the wait, and all the teories part of the expierence. It is like the hype makes it so much sweeter, when we finally get the game.

      However I still find frustrating,when the episodes are delayed.

    • telltale says on twitter that no game will be released next week

      What ? oh fuuuu... >:-(

    • Where do you see this? I can't seem to find it.

    • I didn't expect Season 2 of Walking Dead until December, but not even The Wolf Among Us?

      This extended delay without even a word of new info or screenshot is beginning to grate on my nerves a bit.

      • Same here.

        We may be just lazy customers/players who sit on our asses waiting for the games while Telltale works, but we're still human.

        And I think it was easily foreseeable that once episode 1 would be released, a fanbase would emerge who would expect the second episode ASAP (within reasonable delay). Why was ep2 that incomplete (obviously) ? I think the TWAU team could have worked a little longer in anticipation on ep2 and have it nearly 100% done and ready to release before releasing ep1 at all, so ep2 could come smoothly the next month.

        I don't know, I have no idea how it works, but I mean it was easier to wait after TWAU when we were not fans already.

        Now that we're hooked to the game, delays are really frustrating.

        • Perhaps next time a series begins they could apply this...

        • Well, the point of the episodic format Telltale takes with their games is for the purpose of molding each episode based on feedback from the previous one. If they were going to have each episode totally completed before the next one was even released, that'd sort of defeat the purpose of having it be an episodic game. I get your frustration, but it's sort of the name of the game. You might have been better off waiting until all five episodes were released before playing.

        • that would defeat the purpose of the episodic model. They want to adapt to gamer feedback.

      • your name reminds me of sephiroth

    • Ah, these were the good times.

  • i hope it comes out soon done enough playthoughs on episode 1 faith

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