Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.



  • yeah once i started with 1-5 my wallet started to cry lol. and i know ive been trying to drown out the feels with battlefield 4 but sadly to no avail

  • I keep on reading the comics so that I won't be bored.

  • XD it reminds me of all that waiting time on the Beth boards for Skyrim to be announced or all the times guessing and waiting for DLC and talking with the devs while they give you a release window only for it NOT to come out in that time frame XD
    Uggg I need to go play Mugen Souls or BF 1-3 dont have 4 to try n get my mind off this, scared to finish up 400days again for TWD because if I even touch a TelllTale game I know ill be like "...wait a min, why isn't ep2 out? its been another FULL DAY DAMNIT!!!" XD

  • sorry if i skip reading all comments, but :

    TTG should come streight with a release date ! i was planing my holidays at the end of this month ( two month ago ) just to realize, that everything is fucked up! just by not knowing if the release-date is, this can´t be too difficult. if we look @ TTG´s expierence in this kind of game. if there should be some difficulties, they should inform us about them. i mean,....even if they dissapoint "us", it we know whats going on. i dont like this "in Q4 2113" ( if we have end of november without any further notification ) thats nonsens. there are publisher out there who release games in 2 years and i know they will do so,........

    just my 50 cent


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    sorry i was a bit in some kind of rage,.....sorry for my bad writing -_-

  • I feel the exact same frustration but in Telltale's defence, this is only their second episodic game with the choice model. Plus I think someone said they're in the process of hiring. That always initially hogs resources, with training the new guys up. Maybe there were shitload more bugs than expected (or the more stubborn ones are proving to be right buggers to fix). Perhaps XBLM or PSN are giving them a headache. Who knows.

  • Well, as time goes on, it looks like I was terribly wrong. :(

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    I have a feeling that they are going to release TWAU in the beginning of December (maybe on the 1st or 2nd week) and TWD in late December,probably on christmas or even for the new year.Now that there is only one week left until November is over and knowing that we didn't have any announcement or trailer for episode 2 of TWAU,I don't see what else they could do.

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    If they really have these troubles I wish they would let us know about it so that we could stop hoping for a possible release everyday.I would totally understand it and respect any decision they would take and at least I would know for sure that the release will be delayed.But not knowing a thing of what is going on is kind of frustrating for me especially for something you've been expecting for so long!

  • Dawn of the Final Day; 24 Hours Remain

  • The TWAU faq on this forum says " You can expect to receive a new episode every four to seven weeks.".

    Not 6, but 7.

    It was always like this or they changed it?

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    The TWAU faq on this forum says " You can expect to receive a new episode every four to seven weeks.".

    Not 6, but 7.

    It was always like this or they changed it?

    The TWaU FAQ on this forum was compiled by UNOFFICIAL sources - Jennifer and me. The official TWaU FAQ does not give an estimate of the schedule; it just says they intend to release periodically.

    The time frame estimate on this forum's FAQ was mine; and I based it on past experience, which was kind of justified by the recent official The Walking Dead FAQ which estimates these episodes to be 4 to 6 weeks apart.

    To my knowledge, this part wasn't ever changed neither by Jennifer nor myself since the earliest versions of our FAQ. Should we ever decide to change it, it would be due to recent experiences - TWaU episode 2 is obviously running a bit late.

  • Well, it's difficult to say "TWaU episode 2 is obviously running a bit late", when there's no specific info on how "periodically" each episode is intended. Even "semi-annually" could be a valid planned periodicity...

    Seems to me that "periodically" is gaining a new "when it's done" meaning. If not, why don't give specific time frames?

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    TTG should come streight with a release date ! i was planing my holidays at the end of this month ( two month ago ) just to realize, that everything is fucked up! just by not knowing if the release-date is, this can´t be too difficult.

    Telltale's making games the episodes of which are supposedly 4 to 6 weeks apart. Naturally they are only locking in on the release dates at the very last moment. That's the nature of episodic gaming. They either choose not to know these release dates precisely beforehand or they plan for three months between episodes to be on the safe side.

    Or to put it even more bluntly: You either get a fixed release date for episode two right now or episode two before Christmas.

    Your choice?

  • I am excited to hear his dulcet tones again.

  • Look. I want to play Ep 2 as much as the next guy. But frankly, I'd rather they take the time to do it right instead of rushing to release it.

    Sure, the radio silence isn't great, and if TWaU is delayed because of other games that would be a bad thing to do to us, but I guess the age old saying goes... It'll get here when it gets here. And when it does, I prefer it be done right rather than done quickly.

  • I haven´t said anything against TTG. I completely agree with you. :))

  • You're right, let TellTale take their time so they can make another fantastic episode, maybe even better than the one we've just played.

  • I choose we get a fixed release date right now announcing episode 2 for friday :D

  • Well, with The Walking Dead I only noticed a release of an episode the day before it was set for release.

    But as long as TWD episode and TWAU episodes are spaced out enough maybe a month apart I'll be happy. Although the isn't many games to play during this winter.

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    I'm sorry but this has become increasingly obnoxious. We pay for a whole season, way before we even get a chance to play the entire thing. Yet, we are not even granted the common courtesy of information? We payed for the product you should at least give us a release date. Not make us log on to live on a daily basis to see if it was released. Or come on here daily in prayer of an answer.

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    I didnt play the walking dead until well after all l 5 episodes were released, and i seems i should've done this same with this one. Then i could get all the glitchy typo-filled goodness at once!

    But telltales marketing games with the release dates of their products is really getting old. Its gone from a good tactic to build anticipation to being just flat out annoying. Wake me up after its all out.

  • Technicallyyyyyy saying a date for the episode wouldnt cause a delay in it coming out :/

  • Yep n thing that makes it worse is that face of Xbox and PSN what i have it on comes out later than the PC release, so say they give us a date for PC, but than it takes a week for xbox or psn to get it :/

  • Expect the game between next week and the 2nd week in December, I know it sucks to wait but there are plenty of games to play in the mean time. I have found a few of my favorite games in times like this, where I was waiting for a certain game to come out and had "nothing" to play.. Go to your local gamestop and pick up a game or 2 you have never played for 8-12 bucks

  • Technicallyyyyyy saying a date for the episode would be guessing from Telltale's side.

    I'm really sorry, but it IS like that. Not that it has never ever happened before. In Telltale's earliest history, it wasn't unheard of that Telltale officials came out saying "it rather looks like in two weeks than in three". But they just were wrong far too often, so they stopped doing it.

    Ahhhh, Jake times. ;)

    (Also, there was no console approval process back then, because they only did console releases wayyyyy after the PC version. Nowadays, the console versions add a major time frame insecurity)

  • They can't give us a fixed date but I fully agree that since we've paid for something we should at least be given updates to how it's coming along. Not just almost total silence til the last minute :\ I'd settle for a couple of concept art pics or just a 'we're at This stage now, so we're on target' or something. Anything. Please?

  • A guess is better than nothing tho :/ I am sure for alot of people including myself and they can just say "we hope it to be out by xxxxxxxx" kinda thing so not to confuse people, it atleast gives us hope in a way.

  • Saying there's no point in guessing in case they get it wrong too often is like saying there's no point in meteorologists.

  • That's pretty much all we got until something comes out.

  • I'm not guessing. I come, I check, I leave. ONE of these days, I'm going to be an ecstatically happy camper. In the meantime... life beckons.

  • That is the most sensible thing I've seen on this thing. Great minds I guess.

  • yeah i saw this video yesterday, glad BoSchitt is back in action :)
    P.S. Bob is alive!

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