• It's an interesting theory indeed, my only beef with it is I think Becca will definitely outlast Shel... on the chance one of them has to die that is.

  • I really like it.. would make you think hard and not want to choose wrong and would definitely play with your emotions like telltale is so good at. Nice theory

  • I'd hoped for this to be true along with them finding Christa and Omid.

  • Your imagination ran riot ;) no, seriously: Bonnie is the only person joining Tavia no matter what, howcome you brought up Shel & Becca?

  • Bonnie is important because she always goes with Tavia no matter what you do as her. But maybe thats just so she can be killed off or something more. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    As for Kenny and Lilly I would prefer if Kenny stayed dead. People need to just let him die already. Yeah it's totally possible that he is alive but running into Clem again is a little silly if you ask me. Lilly was my favourite character from Season One so I really really really want her to return, I'm pretty sure she will. I think that her meeting up with Clem again seems a little bit more believable than Kenny. Thats just my opinion.

    • I agree that his story should have ended where it did, not out of disliking the character, but his character came full circle and his story arc felt over. TTG's "exploring his fate" quote makes me think we'll see him again.
      I'm also one of the few people who very much enjoyed Lily, and I think, because of the retcon, she still has more to her story than we've gotten so far and I look forward to learning it.

  • in the walking dead world no one is safe not even kids

  • Hmm.. it's an interesting theory but I think Bonnie's the wrong choice if someone is going to be murdered. Maybe it's because I like Bonnie and don't really care about the others mentioned (aside from Clemmy ofcourse.) but I've always had it in my head she'll be the surprise survivor (Maybe not surviving the whole season but longer than the other 400 day characters.) *because she's seen as weak *but in actual fact is stronger because of everything her body's been through. Her story is set before Shel's and she's clearly known Dee and Leland a while at this point as they are responsible for her recovery and drug addiction treatment doesn't just happen over night, it's a long process, so I really can't see her being a bandit and my Bonnie was honest with Leland and he came with me so I can't see her committing suicide or Leland being angry.

    If anyone was going to be murdered, I'd rather have Shel be murdered to give Becca a wake up call/reality check that is very much needed. Becca's annoying but I can't see Telltale killing her off so I hope she'll learn alot from Clem but there needs to be an event - like the loss of Shel - to trigger it.

    • I referred to Bonnie as a bandit in Becca's eyes because Leland's wife stole from Shel's group, and if she were to find out, there'd probably be trouble. I rather liked her as well, which means, if I've learned anything about the Walking Dead, that her days are numbered.

      • That does make more sense even though Bonnie was against Dee stealing, Becca doesn't seem to like Bonnie as it is so I doubt she'd listen. That said, if Bonnie was murdered. Becca would be my prime suspect. Hopefully Bonnie will be safe (or live at least) through season 2/most of it.

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