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IAP Downloads that cant be downloaded DESPITE VPN

posted by Hoddie on - Viewed by 544 users

Ive seen the workaround suggested here

But despite trying this I always get connection lost errors, even I f do follwo the instructions for workaround to the letter....

Any other means to get episodes downloaded ? Patch on its way ? CDN's getting fixed ? Kinda gutted I cant play 400 days....

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    We know that the workaround is directing users to a server that is different from what their phone would normally point to. So, if that is working for people it suggests that trying to download from different locations especially with strong wifi, like at a wifi hotspot could work. I'd love to know the general area where you are located and if you are eventually able to get the episodes to download.

    • actually I had the same problem and my solution was resetting the network settings. I guess that can work for more people if you make that a sticky thread or simply you can do my thread.

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