French subtitles missing


I bought episode1 when it was released but was unable to play it with English subtitles (too fast to read an understand everything)

Today I saw that in July version 1.4 update added French subtitles : Wow! I was very happy!
But when launching the game, subtitles were always only in English, not in French... :-(

My current game version is 1.5. Is there something wrong with French subtitles with this version?

I own an iPad 2 running ios7.
I really would like French subtitles so I can buy the pack with all episodes and enjoy this game I want to play for long...

Please help!


  • Some precisions about what I already tried :

    • close the game in task bar and launch it again : KO
    • uninstall the game from iPad, reboot iPad, reinstall the game from AppStore cloud, launch the game activating subtitles on settings : KO


  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    The game detects the language set in the iOS settings. Go to your Device Settings and change the language there.

  • Mmmm... This is strange.
    I have my iPad in French of course.
    Settings / general / international / language = French (I don't know the exact menu item words in English but this should be something like this)
    I just have a keyboard in French and English, but French is my main keyboard.
    Any idea ?!?
    Thanks for your support.

  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    Strange indeed. I double checked a fresh install of the game on an iPad2. I installed in English, played enough to get save data. Changed the settings of the iPad to French language. I went back to the game and it re-launched itself and was in French. I wonder if you should try toggling your language to English and then back to French. I have not seen this fail to work and have not been getting reports of it failing. I'd love to know if you get it working what it was.

  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    Actually, there is a way that this can happen. The later versions of the game were setup to support multiple languages. But, for the game to have everything to be in another language, you also need to get an update. The update gets downloaded when you tap start on the beginning screen. The game will say connecting... If you never restart the app, or do not connect to the internet when you do restart the app, the game will start without the updates. If you have never gotten any updates in this way, the first time it may stay on the connecting... screen for a while to get all updates since the initial launch. In order to get back to the Tap here to start screen, you may need to shut down the app and restart it by double tapping the Home button and sliding the app up to close it.

  • Yeah! You're a boss!
    I don't really know how it happened but indeed today when launching the app after reading your post, it stayed on "connecting" for a LONG time.
    After this the game is in French! Cool!

    But this is strange because I already had this connecting screen before (but for a shorter time).
    I don't understand why my "old" installation uptaded to 1.5 never brings me to this long connecting screen, event after game restart...

    Thank you for your support, I'll play the game now!
    See U

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