Bigby and a Rule of Two?

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During my playthrough of TWAU, I noticed some odd repetition in one of Bigby's lines. When he's in his apartment talking to Colin, he says "I haven't slept in two days. I went out a second story window. And I want to get in two seconds of shut eye before I..." In and of itself, it wasn't much, other than kind of an uncommon number to see repeated like that.

But then later on we get the involvement of the two Tweedles. The opening scene of the game shows that red headed guy, who might be important, might also be able to be in two places at once (or possibly he's a twin). There are two murders (though of course that could change).

So, does anyone else think there is some significance to the use and repetition of this theme of two?

Magic is involved in all of this, and I know there are theories that Bigby and the others have had their memories messed with. That conversation that first peaked my interest occured pretty soon after his encounter with Faith. Is this repetition of "two" on Bigby's part maybe a verbal tick as a result of some magic involved in things?

Or maybe its something else entirely. Or nothing. Any thoughts?


  • Honestly, I think you're looking for a pattern where there is none.

    The two days thing might be worth investigating or at least keeping note of, as if there is a spell involved then it could give us a possible time frame from when it was cast. Any other weird memory discrepancies occurring within -2 and 0 days from the start of the game could be important, but I personally think the "two days" line and the "can't remember ordering" line were there for purely contextual reasons. It gives us an insight into Bigby's character.

    Of course I could be wrong.

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    Yes, there is some significance. Woody spent long time in the restroom and asked for tp. Another number two.

  • that made me giggle a little.

    Butt-head posted: »

    Yes, there is some significance. Woody spent long time in the restroom and asked for tp. Another number two.

  • There are a lot more twos in the game. #1 or #2, major decisions are in twos, the clock shows the same time, etc.

  • Perhaps there might be. Although I don't believe it. Even though we know TT likes to leave little crumbs here and there for us to find.

  • It's a common thing for fairy tales to have recurring numbers or phrases. The most common "magical" numbers are 3, 7 and 12 though I imagine every fairytale can have different recurring numbers. In this case, It's two.

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