• Honestly, I think you're looking for a pattern where there is none.

    The two days thing might be worth investigating or at least keeping note of, as if there is a spell involved then it could give us a possible time frame from when it was cast. Any other weird memory discrepancies occurring within -2 and 0 days from the start of the game could be important, but I personally think the "two days" line and the "can't remember ordering" line were there for purely contextual reasons. It gives us an insight into Bigby's character.

    Of course I could be wrong.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    Yes, there is some significance. Woody spent long time in the restroom and asked for tp. Another number two.

  • There are a lot more twos in the game. #1 or #2, major decisions are in twos, the clock shows the same time, etc.

  • Perhaps there might be. Although I don't believe it. Even though we know TT likes to leave little crumbs here and there for us to find.

  • It's a common thing for fairy tales to have recurring numbers or phrases. The most common "magical" numbers are 3, 7 and 12 though I imagine every fairytale can have different recurring numbers. In this case, It's two.

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