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Anyone worried S2 might turn into this forum?

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 593 users

Okay, let me get this off my chest: I deeply appreciate that our opinions and ideas are acknowledged by the game creators here. The fact they could even sometimes influence plot developments in future episodes is downright thrilling.

All the same, we ARE a very chatty bunch, and I hope the characters in the actual game don't start to sound like we do. You know, going back and forth about feelings and motivations as if we had a guest appearance on OPRAH. I randomly tuned into a rerun of an episode from the third season of the WALKING DEAD tv show last week, and I couldn't help asking myself, "who actually talks like this during a zombie apocalypse?" Normally I wouldn't think this could be a problem, but some of the conversations between particular characters in 400 DAYS (Shel and Roman come to mind) got a little too "psychoanalytical" and self-conscious for my liking.

So what would be a good alternative for the game developers? I'd suggest going back and watching S1 of the game again, or even better, give George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD another viewing and observe how the four principal characters interact with each other. Sometimes Romero's survivors talk about what they're feeling, but just as often he has them demonstrate their emotions through simple body language or facial expressions. Watch how Peter behaves while his friend Roger slowly turns from a zombie bite. Everything that needs to be said can be clearly seen in Peter's eyes.

If this was any other video game series, the "uncanny valley" factor would make this an issue, but so far, Telltale has done a better job at conveying emotion through silence than most other franchises. Just watch the gradually shifting look on Kenny's face in episode 3 when the train first pulls out onto the track for a really beautiful example. Remember, guys: Show, don't tell.

  • I don't really want the characters to discuss their motives in game, I like being able to speculate what their motives are outside of it. If they're upfront about how they feel and all, then what is there to wonder about?

  • Maybe I play a little differently.. Yea I like the emotions and interactions between the characters which all setup the situations, but I tend to put myself in the lead characters shoes with survival as my main motivation regardless who that is. Kudo's to Telltale for the great story telling and bringing the players into TWD world, but I don't bother much with speculation or worry about what I think other characters will do.. I take the moments as they come and react how I feel is the wisest, safest for myself (lead character) and whatever group. They can hate me or like me, doesnt really matter as long as I am alive.

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