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an experiment. how long will it take before someone brings up...

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POSSIBLE SPOILERS for anyone who still hasn't finished season 1

Personally I think Ben tried his best in season 1, but just simply failed. At the same time though, he could definitely be looked at as a detriment to the group. He froze when he should have been taking action, and now that I think, i'm not sure he killed a single walker when he needed too. But he was also probably one of the most complex and likeable characters even with him being the "dumbass" of the group. What do you think about Ben?

  • I think I know what your experiment is.


    That solve your experiment?

    To answer your question, yeah, he was the dumbass of the group. He got upset whenever you implied that he was a liability after he ran away from Clementine with a loaded gun (when you say you would feel safer if Ben stayed at the house). I never saw him as a likable character. To be honest, the only reasons I saved him in Crawford were that a). I didn't want him to die like that, and b). I was hoping Kenny would give him a solid ass kicking.

    When he revealed that he had lost everyone in his entire family, I felt bad for him. Does it make up for how useless he was? No. But I pitied him. He never got to found out what happened to them, and that would be a heavy burden. I felt bad for him, but that was about it.

  • I take it as reason to believe that some of his family will make it into the season, but there will be no true connection between the family and any of the characters due to Lee being dead. Kenny knows but that's if he's still alive. I don't think Clementine even knows Ben is dead... or does she?
    ON TOPIC: I thought Ben was dumb but I loved the guy, until he dropped the bombshell on the train.

  • Ben was... an idiot. A moron. A coward. I think that the group might have survived (if only for a little while longer) if he had died with Travis/David out in the woods. He got practically half the group wiped out... but I still feel sorry for him. About the only reason I never wanted him dead (ironically, I dropped him) was because he seemed like a nice kid, and he certainly never meant for any of it to happen. Hell, if Kenny forgives him, I don't see why I can't.

    He's still a dumbass, though. But he was OUR dumbass.

  • I'm sorry, I got confused by the thread title. ...But here's a picture of Kenny.
    Alt text
    Probably screaming Goddammit Ben

  • close but no.

    Rock said it right when he said Ben was our dumbass. I think that's what makes him likeable. I have a feeling that we will probably be seeing a character with a similar personality in season 2. It just seems to make sence to me that we should have a character like that because there would probably be people in the zombpocalypse that got by somehow like ben did, being a dumbass but people feeling sorry for him and basically taking care of him.

    • If there WAS someone else with a similar personality to Ben's in Season 2, I don't think I'd like them. It would kind of feel like just a new BEN, not a new CHARACTER. Of course some people need to screw up once in a while, but not on Ben's level. He was special.

      "Special." If you catch my drift.

  • I was very surprised when I realized how much vitriol Ben gets. From the second he was introduced I saw him for what he is - a lost, and probably orphaned, kid. Really not all that different to Clementine. I never blamed him for the bandit situation either, he was caught between a rock and a hard place. The only times he screwed up enough to annoy me was when he showed cowardice, such as fleeing from the walkers and leaving Clementine behind, for example. This is easily attributed to stress and panic.

    He was clumsy, irrational, and occasionally moody - ie. he was a teenager - but his heart was in the right place. I'd take him on my team over Lilly any day!

  • I liked Ben, I mean not liked him in a way I think he was an essential part of the group but liked him in a way I kind off understood the point of the charatcher. I mean Lee, Kenny, Lilly were all adults so they had a different preparation for the world and could really deffend themselfs, Duck and Clem were Kids, so anyone expected them to do anything else but survive. ben is a teenager propblably 17 or 18 years old. I mean he was seen as a kid by most charatchers, and that is something that messes wih any teers mind, but at the same time everyone saw him as a kid that had to take care of others... I mean that was even worst to the charatcher and adding that fact the he saw his entery class die and has no idea what happened to his family that really brook the guys spirit to the point where he hated himself and wanted to die... I've passed trhough something like thaat while I was a teenager and it sucks and I wasn't even in a zombie appocalypse or "got someone killed". Wich in the end is a big discussion because in my opinion yes some of his actions had a butterfly effect that killed some people but he didn't directly killed them like Kenny or Lilly, or even Lee did... But whatever didn't wanted him to die but I allawys saw him as someone that was going to die during season 1.

  • yea he definitely seemed to be lost. I kind of hope we will see another character like him in S2, but maybe not quite as dumb as Ben was all the time. At least he was trying to do good though. The saying "no good deed goes unpunished" comes to mind.

  • Like others have said, I pitied and tried to save Ben, but it's hard to say that I really liked him. I realize the mistakes were unintentional, but even outside of his selfish cowardice and cartoonish levels of incompetence he hardly came across as very accommodating when I tried giving him a second/third/fourth chance.

    Try to ask him to look out for Clementine.
    "Get off my back Lee."

    Try to convince him that Crawford was the absolute last place that Kenny needed to hear about his family.
    "F*ck You Lee."

    • I guess that depends on the relationship Lee and Ben had, I don't think he said that to me, if he did I would be really angry at him, and I would have let him die I guess :P So I'm guessing he didn't said that to me, and I would never tell him to take care of Clem, I kind off understood his mistakes but I didn't trusted him enough to make him take care of Clem, not because I think he would hurt her, but because I knew he would flee if danger came.

  • I don't know if Ben was stupid, but he was a klutz and a millstone around the rest of the group's necks. I did save him though as far as I could since I thought that no one should die if possible.

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