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PS3 lost saves

posted by lute408 on - Viewed by 124 users

I heard about lost saves and I found someone talking about restoring them in the PC version. Is there a fix with the PS3 one? I had 2 major saves, my original play through and my "be a jerk" playthrough that I was half way through episode 4 on.
Honestly, I'd be ok with downloading a save if I could or having a way to edit it. Especially since I'll be playing season 2 ASAP and I really want my original save (with all the mistakes I made) to be the one I go through. I don't want one where I did it all perfect, I want the one that I was a little too harsh, didn't take sides when I should have, and was responsible for so much loss.

Or should I just get it on PC, play through it / download a save so that season 2 will work with it?
I got it on PS3 due to playstation plus member and because my wife wanted to 'play it with me' by watching.

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