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I just payed £14 for the full pack... But I couldn't download it.... A lot of people on here say to delete the app and reinstall it... I done that and now it's asking me to pay again??? I clicked on restore and nothing happened?? What gives??? How can I fix this???


  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    After reinstalling the application the game needs to be restarted again to download all the updates and patches. Please shut down the game entirely and the next time you launch, you should see the $19.99 USD multi-pack that includes 400 Days. if the restore button does not change the episode status for these episodes to 'Get', then you can complete the purchase path again to update ownership. To do this, make sure you are logged into the account in which you initially made the purchase and continue the steps to purchase it again. You will be asked to confirm your purchase, and then be notified that you already own the content, and be prompted to download it again. If you are not logged into the account you used to make your initial purchase the first time, you will be charged again. Once the product is re-acquired, you will be able to download other episodes.

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