• Maybe, but I personally find it improbable that Telltale would reuse the same model in so many scenes. And considering the "Ginger haired" character actually interacts with the player, it sounds inconvenient in my opinion that he would turn up on several occasions.

    And about Tweedle Dee; Sure, it is a possibility, he could very well be involved somehow. And who is to say that there only is one killer? Anyhow, that is all speculations.

    • Yes, you could be right that there is no point to re use the same model in the same scene over and over again. But like I said, It's just my theory / guess about it, others will have different. And yes there may be a copy cat killer on the loose, we don't know much about it, though. There is still four more episodes.

      As for my Tweedle Dee theory, I strongly believe it. Maybe Tweedle Dee and Dum really dislike him, like hate him, (Bigby I am talking about) and decide to kill Snow as a warning that they are coming for him next. (As seen in the episode 2 preview depending on what you choose) But on mine first one i choose Tweedle Dee, now I need to get his brother, Dum.

  • Well he talks when you and Snow go down the hallway , so he probably is more than just an extra ...
    And still , we found out that he's in two places at the exact same time (When the taxi reaches the bar , close to the end - he's both the taxi driver , and on the background alley. ) which is pretty hard to explain. Hope we'll see more in the following episodes.

  • There is one thing that shows that the ginger guy isn't simply a reused model and it's the fact that there are crook symbols on his tie.And until now we saw that the details that are on the clothes of characters tell us who they are or give us a clue about their story.Remember,Snow has snowflake symbols on her top.So why would telltale bother putting that detail on the ginger guy's tie if he was just a regular reused model ?
    And another thing that shows that he is more important than what we may think is the fact that we get to talk to him a little bit when we see him before we discover Faith.We don't know where he was coming back from.
    As for Tweedle Dee killing Snow, I don't think so because the killer that killed Snow must be the one that killed Faith too.The brothers are just hired by someone to investigate but they don't look like they're the killers to me.

    • Don't look like their killers? They are bad people , definitely. Their ways of being a detective are rather violent E.G (beating toad up, strongarming toad junior... Lots of blood on there shirt at the triptrap and at Lawrences...) They definitely have something to do with this.

      The killer that killed snow doesn't have to be the same person.. Copycats maybe?

      Just saying.

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