Hints that Bigby might be accused in next episodes

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Some moments in the game hint that Bigby will later be accused by the real murderer and people will side with him according to choices we made.And there are a lot of these moments in episode 1:
-Whether or not you choose to be nice with Colin,Toad,Bufkin and even the woodsman.
-If you choose to reap off Grendel's arm,Woody tells you that you're a monster and the game says that he and Holly will remember that.

Maybe someone spies on Bigby in the beginning of the game when he talks to Faith on the street.He is seen giving her money (if you made that choice) and thus he looks like he is her last "client".Woody could testify that Bigby was the last person that saw Faith,thus making him the first suspect.
And later in the game Bigby is always investigating with Snow,it would be easy to accuse him since he is the last person that saw her.However he was in the bar at that moment so I don't know how the killer will manage to accuse him for that.It would also explain why there is a cop that appears to be spying on Bigby in the episode 3 image.What do you think ?


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    I'm leaning towards thinking this as well. Aside from all of your observations, other things are how they make a real point to say that people fear him, and the fact that if you choose to get tough with Toad it tells you that TJ is afraid of you now.

    Also, let's not forget that 10 of Swords card that you can pick up from Ichabod's desk. The figure in that card looks a lot like Bigby, and it's also the only one that he picks up and takes with him. Could be foreshadowing. I believe he's going to get blamed for something. Maybe another murder, or maybe the mundies are going to be on the verge of finding out about their secret and that will cause problems leading to Bigby taking the blame (the cop from the pic in episode 3 definitely looks like a mundy). I feel like something is going to escalate and it's going to lead back to characters wanting to cast Bigby as the bad guy all over again. The stage has been set, now I think we're going to see a lot of conflict as the story plays out. We'll see....

  • I think it's a given that the mundies will scapegoat Bigby. He's last seen getting to the centre of the crime scene, hotly pursued by mundy police. They will undoubtedly question him and he will be unable to say he's the sheriff or admit the Fables community exists. As far as they're concerned, he's an upstart, rough, tough-looking guy that appears to know the victim. Next, he's very evasive in questioning and escapes. From that point, they'll hunt him down as their prime suspect. Others he's met that the cops notice (all Fables) will either note Bigby for good character or bad character, thus helping or hindering the mundy investigation.

  • Gah, I'm so excited! xD What a great and interesting game Telltale have made.

    I'm leaning towards thinking this as well. Aside from all of your observations, other things are how they make a real point to say t

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