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    Kenny- BANNED

    Did you make that? If so you did a good job

  • That video actually gave me goosebumps, thanks for sharing!

  • This video makes me sad

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    Kenny- BANNED

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Unrelated but just for the sake of discovery, and since we're talking about cute things...

    In France we had this animated TV series that was called "Clementine" (apparently "Clementine's enchanted journey" in anglo countries, where it wasn't so popular it seems), it was a very, very bittersweet anime about a 10-year-old girl whose name was (obviously) Clementine who lived all sorts of adventures in her dreams, where she was guided by her guardian angel Héméra (a lady with magical powers travelling in a blue sphere) and the recurrent antagonist was a demon named Malmoth.

    Her dream adventures were all a huge metaphor for her struggle against the terrible illness and suffering she endured in her reality (she was actually in a wheelchair), her denial then acceptance of her father's death...

    Quite a poignant anime who dealt with issues children could actually face without understanding them. The example of the young heroin who went bravely through such trials (disguised in metaphorical adventures) could be inspiring for those kids and in any case it is still a beloved show among now adults who knew this cartoon as children.

    Here's the opening in english version (I prefer the french of course since it's the one I grew up with)

    The anime's Clementine was white and red-haired but amusingly enough I can see some resemblance with TWD's Clementine in the face (pre-haircut)

    And the lyrics ("You can do anything" "You never give up") could work for an optimistic, more "kawai" version of Clem :D

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