So you still haven't fixed the game data corruption issues...

It is truly amazing that they completely have stopped answering the forum for SUPPORT of THEIR GAME while the same issues keep arising.

Every answer for 'support' that they gave doesn't work.

For example...

Stuff like...don't use the third data slot......UM, I only use one data slot.

Stuff like...if you skip ahead, then skip back, your data is lost....UM, I am not a degenerate who bounces around

Stuff like...update your version to the 1.03 patch...UM, I just bought this game two weeks ago, so the system should have updated it when it was first installed, right???

So, how do I get the POS game to work??? I have managed to make my way to the end of Episode 4 before it really blocked me. I have had to work backwards three times now just to get it this far but now it won't load episode 5 at all. I have tried back tracking on ep 4, I have tried a new game and skipping all the way to ep 5.....

...and you expect me to pay more money for ep 6 or a season 2????? Fix the first one, so those of us that wasted our money on it can get the satisfaction to actually play it.

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