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New choice ?

posted by sQOrPION on - Viewed by 1.1K users

I have to replay Wolf among Us again because my save files somehow got deleted and i noticed when i finished that i have a new choice : Did you defend Snow White ? You and 30 % of people defend her

Did anyone get this too ?

  • The choice this is referring to is when you meet Ichabod Crane and he's yelling at Snow. You can chose to defend her, take the blame (which I did) or say nothing.

    I'm a little surprised only 30% defended her, really. Although as I say, more probably took the blame. Hey ho.

    As to why it's suddenly appeared... I'm not sure. Did you make a different choice than when you played previously? That might be why. Or maybe Telltale have just updated the choices screen. Who knows?

    EDIT: Having just checked the game myself on an unrelated matter, I notice that the option is NEW. So yeah, Telltale have just updated the Player Choices screen to show what people did at that point.

    And interestingly, it was only 26% who took the blame for her. Huh.

  • I'm fairly sure it was available on my first play-through. That was 6 days ago.

    Edit: it was always there, it's just got bumped up because for some unknown reason, TT have removed the choice regarding the Beasts.

  • Interesting, thanks anyway

  • I wonder if these changes give us hints as to what will be addressed in Episode 2?

  • I played it twice, and the choice didn't appeared.

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