Kenny Logic

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20 minutes later: Oh yall gaays we ned to fin a boooooooooooooooat BOAT BOOOOOAT

2) Hey lee, I know my son has been starving, and we found a farm with lots of food, but you know, let's break into the barn and possibly spoil any chance of us having a decent meal.

3) Hey look at this half destroyed boat washed up on the sealine. MABYE WE KUN FIX IT LAWL

4) What the fuck is that HUGE zombie wall I just missed while walking into a very small town? Holy shit!
5) gawgh le i fund a botle of wiskey iam drunk.

Finds a bout out the back 20 seconds later
"This stroke of luck sir does not come by very much in this, zombie infested world known as HELL itself. Hmm, yes, quite. Let's figure out if we can get it into tip-top condition."

6) Lee, you've always been here for my family. You saved duck from larry and from the walkers from hershels farm, you put my son out of his misery so I didn't have to. You really cared for us. And you have agreed with everything I have said. BUT IM NOT COMING TO FIND CLEMENTINE WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU BECAUSE YOU TRIED TO GIVE LARRY CPR. EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING I HAVE WANTED TO YOU TO DO, THAT ONE LITTLE FACTOR WILL DISCOURAGE ME TO FIND A LITTLE GIRL.

7) Maybe we can give duck a pill so he can drift off right to sleep, right hon? Because we got a shitload of medicine and pills in chucks backpack. Right hon....? Right?

8) Lee: Kenny can I just get by you to grab a map that I need to progress this story further please?
Kenny: Oh ma gawd leave me alone because it would only take a second but STILL go find me some booze or something.

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