• Until now I suspected that the brothers were hired by the pimp but Crane seems to be a good possibility too.Also when you tell the prince that his wife is dead he mentions a certain Georgie.I'm pretty sure that it's the pimp but the real question is why would the prince assume that the pimp killed Faith?
    And one even more important question to me is why did Faith and Lawrence write those notes to each others ? Faith says that she's sorry,Lawrence says the same.But what are they sorry for ?

    • I think Faith is sorry for turning to prostitution and/or for leaving him. Lawrence is probably sorry for being a burden (she's been back to the apartment several times since she left him, to supervise his wellbeing).

      I'm absolutely certain the pimp is Georgie Porgie. Lawrence definitely suspects he's involved in her 'disappearance' but he was cut short of accusing him.

    • I'm sure Georgie is the pimp just because he has a tattoo of a a slice of pie on his neck and his rhyme deals girls...
      "Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie,
      Kissed the girls and made them cry,
      When the boys came out to play
      Georgie Porgie ran away."

  • ( you should mark this as a spoiler) Guys what about that red headed guy he is ALWAYS there near bigby when you go to the trip trap bar he is the driver and when you first see faith's head snow and bigby look at the street and the red headed guy is there its like he is spying and eavesdropping at bigby and snow and when snow nocks on your door he was there and when you were chasing that bitch Dum or Dee i think when the chair falls that red haired guy was a dead body there the question is how did he come back from life? anyway that red headed guy is always there you can play the game over and over and over again and realise him

  • Interestingly i'm sure certain dialogue options will result in either dee/dum saying we're on the same side. This could be a potential hint at the fact they may work for Crane?

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