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After playing season 1 i purchased 400 days. Upon finishing it The stats won ' t load. This makes me wonder if The results will Carry over into season two because that is kinda the whole purpose isnt it?

Can anyone help me fix this bug cause otherwise it won't make any sense to start season two...and i am looking forward to it.

Thx in advance to anyone responding.


  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    What platform are you playing on? Are you sure that you have completed the entire episode and seen the end credits?

  • I am playing on ipad and have finished 400 days twice. The stats screen just freezes on me. It shows nothing but an empty screen with five red bars on The right Side. Please help me fix this...

  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni

    Your stats should be fine and would be saved before the stats screen. The game has default stats for other players that will appear if you are not connected online. If you are connected online, the game will try to get the latest stats for other players to display instead of the embedded stats. Only in the case where you are online, connect to the server, but do not receive stats back fast enough will this bug occur. To fix this, either put the iOS device in airplane mode or be connected to a known strong WIFI connection, and then press the stats button on the episode Play screen for "400 Days". Pressing the stats button will make the game reach out to the internet for stats if connected, or use the embedded stats if not connected.

  • I have tried both solutions but still nothing works. Any more suggestions please?

  • P.s. It cant be my connection cause that is a strong wifi signal on a 100 mbit line. Also no embedded stats in airplane mode...

  • tronixtronix Telltale Alumni
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    I guess there is no embedded stats in airplane mode because they got replaced with blank stats. And, since you have a strong connection it must be an issue of connecting to a server that either does not have the data or is responding too slow. My only suggestion is to try in a different location so that you might connect to a better server. I'm very sorry you're having this issue and that I have nothing better to suggest.

  • I am still so very dissapointed by the way this problem is NOT being handled by Telltale.
    I read the last post here and just had to respond one last time....A server that has got NO DATA. Under what rock have you people been living the past decade. It's the internet we're talking about here. You know that GLOBAL information highway that should make it possible to retrieve stats from just about anywhere and not just the server around the corner.

    Tell tale kinda ruined the second season for me and I am definitely not sponsoring this customer-unfriendly company anymore than I have already done. The first season was very buggy as well, but the overall greatness of the game made it worth the buy. But this was the last drop. Maybe I'll just have to resort to downloading instead so that can get at least some of the fun I feel somewhat entitled to but which Telltale in unwilling to provide. Maybe they in return would feel somewhat entitled to my money but that just might have gotten stuck at a server nearby. Maybe if they try receiving it in another location it might get through but other than that I really have no solutions...
    I wish you all at Telltale the best, but I won't be coming back and my dollars won't either. Too bad though...everyone loses here....

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