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You are now playing as Clem, if you could choose from any alive PC or NPC charatcher to return from season 1 and 400 days to be a part of her group who would you choose?

I would choose, Christa, Omid, Wyatt, Vince, Eddie, Lilly and Molly.

I really like Nate too but I don't think he would do well in a group.


  • Vince, Molly, Shel and Becca. I can't tell whether Eddie is a bad man or not, so I'm not going to choose him.

  • Kenny, Vince, LeLand, Molly, Roman and Boyd.

  • I reckon it would be really interesting for her to meet the cancer survivor group since they never saw her in Season 1, it could lead to some very interesting scenes.

  • Shel, Becca, Russel, Christa and Omid

  • Kenny, Molly, Vince, Russel, Shel, Wyatt, Eddie, Roman, Leland, Bonnie, Omid and Christa (and of course Clementine).

    ^ I think that is a winning combination.

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    My ideal group

    • Clementine

    • Kenny

    • Vince

    • Shel & Becca

    • Christa & Omid

    • Andrew St. John (I'm hoping he gets a redemption character Arc in season 2 for players that didn't kill him in season 1)

    • Nate (probably won't work out though)

    • Molly

  • Yes Eddie is kind off a wild card. I only choose him because I think he's funny and good to his own group. From teh interaction between Wyatt and Eddie I don't think he's a bad guy, I jsut think he's a scared guy and under pressure panics and makes bad and impulsive decisions to get out of that situation. I guess in a way that could be bad for the group, even worst than ben I think. But I would like to see if after all taht time passed if he's the same or he's changed.

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    Molly, Kenny, The 5 characters from 400 days, Lilly, the cancer survivors and the doctor (the one who stole the boat, i can't remember his name) and Christa and Omid. Those rumors about a pregnancy drive me crazy

  • I think the doctor is dead, they mention it in 400 days ;)

  • Nice thread. Clementine, Kenny, Omid & Christa, Molly, Shell & Becca, Russel, Eddie, Wyatt.

  • We killed Andrew's mother, brother and pretty much destroyed their little cannibalistic way of living, i think that grouping up with someone from S1 cast will be the last thing he would do.

  • Hmm...tough one.

    I think I want.....

    Clementine, Omid, Christa, Wyatt, Vince, Molly, Becca, Shel, Eddie and Lilly.

  • I killed Andrew St.John, so the only one that could return was Danny, but I'm guessing he couldn't get out of the trap we left him in, and anyways there is teh possibility Lilly killed when she stayed with him. But it would be kind of interesting for someone who left him alive to see him again, even though I would prefer the return of others charatchers ;)

  • Kenny, Christa, Omid, Vince, Shel, Becca, and Russel (maybe they will have a romance (hello))

  • russel and omid and his baby, christa dead after having her baby

  • NO. The cancer survivors said that the reason their group fell apart was Vernon (I finally remember the name) and the fact he stole the boat. They never mentioned his death. I bet that SOB is jacking off in that boat.

  • Really? I thought they said "we lost vernon". Must have imagined it. Whatever if he's dead he won't show up and if's on the boat I guess he won't show up either. Boyd or Clive I don't know how to tell them apart ( ah ah ) died in my game anyways so to show up only the old lady and the other guy that's alive will show up.

  • They lost Vernon. They mean that Vernon stopped being in their group and took off. But I ever find that guy, I'll give him a slow painful death.

  • I agree with you, I would like to see Omid returning with a baby, but very depressed and getting really sad when he looks at the abby because he/she reminds him of Christa. But I don't know if Telltale is going to do that, many fans have shared that idea and they like to make things kind off a surprise... For me Omid and the baby or Omid and Christa and the baby, I would hate to see Christa alone with the baby, just because I really liked Omid ( You broke that dude's face...) awesome :P

  • I mean, I understand that people have to do what they have to survive, so I understand that he stole the boat, as I hope that he understands that I have to kill for that if I found him :P

  • Group - Russell, Kenny, Lilly, Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Becca, Nate and a few new characters

  • Lily, Kenny, Molly, Vince, Russell, Shel and Becca, Bonnie, Wyatt and Christa and Omid.

  • NATE?! That crazy motherfucker tried to kill Wyatt and Eddie!

  • Clementine, Omid & Christa, Molly, Vince, Eddie, Bonnie.

  • Nate didn't go looking for a fight. Eddie shot one of Nate's group members (probably a friend of his). Eddie and Wyatt should be seen as the villains in that situation.

  • I acutally agree with you. I mean we don't know a lot about Nate. Yes he has the psycho eyes in Russel's story, but nate is just a game version of Merle, apparently, from what I saw he just killed people who attacked him. Eddie presumably killed someone in his group and the old couple tried to kill him. So I really like Nate like I liked Merle in the tv show. they are crazy and they might be assholes, but Nate protected Russel, and didn't hurted him if he went away when Nate kills the couple... i like Nate, like I said with me problably he would do well in the group because I'm kind of crazy and attakc everyone who attacks me, but he would problably cause many fights in the group. I really don't think Nate is a rapist or whatever, like many people say...

  • I agree with the whole Andrew (or Danny) thing, it'd be a great twist to see him back, whether it means redemption or danger towards Clem.

  • But they didn't intentionally do it and tried to get away from the situation. Also, Nate killed two old people in cold blood. Yes they where racists but the old lady was shot and Walt was just trying to protect his wife and supplies.

  • There actually is a thread devoted to that topic ("You know who I think should appear in season 2 (spoilers)") if you want to check it out.

  • Clemetine and imaginary Lee

  • Jezus Christ, please stop saying COLD BLOOD COLD BLOOD, i'm getting sick of that word combination..

  • It said ALIVE members.

    Lily, Shel, Becca, Bonnie, Wyatt, Vince, Glenn, and Eddie!

  • I think Eddie's about as bad as Vince and Lee... make of that what you will.

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    But he said imaginary, that's not being dead, just imaginary.

  • Dude, Becca is like 14

  • Glenn is 100% not going to be a main group character. Not a hope in hell.

  • This argument about ages is really interesting. We can get an approximate age of teh charatchers but not the exact ones (I only remember the ones of Lee and Clem). I mean, how old is Russel? I agree that becca is like 14/15 years old, but Russel is e a teenager? he talks like he's more mature than a teenager, ate least that's my opinion.

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