• I always thought it was obvious that she's pregnant. I saw that coming a mile away, pretty much called it when we first met them on the bridge. And yes, Omid knows.

  • You're all gonna hate me for this but..... what if she miscarries? I mean.... it'll be a human... but not alive.......... yeeeah..... :\

  • Other than what happened to Mark, it's about the worse thing I can imagine :P and you know what? I don't think they wouldn't go there....

  • all speculation. no proof. All these theories have already been "debunked" on a different thread from a while back. It would be interesting though if sh turned out to have a kid in S2, unless we play protector again with Clem caring for the baby. That would be repetitive.

    • "Big sister" is an archetype seldom represented in video games, or even other media. Some examples off the top of my head: Septerra Core, Beyond Good & Evil. I'm not counting the creatures called 'big sisters' in BioShock 2, because they weren't not-quite-or-barely-adult nurturers and defenders, they were mainly just female versions of the Big Brother monsters.

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