• she will see russel as a brother because he looks like lee and her father,relate to becca because they both young girls

    • That's interesting. My impression was that Russell was a bit too distrusting, given his experiences with his previous group and Nate. It's totally understandable to be mistrustful of other people after those two encounters, but that's antithetical to what she experienced with Lee. He protected a little girl when he didn't have to and, to varying degrees, made sure she would be okay without him. I don't think Russell really had that.

      Becca, on the other hand... She worries me. She's only a teenager, but she's hotheaded and quick to be vindictive. She was spiteful and wanted to kill Stephanie because she tried to steal from the group at the diner. Clementine, on the other hand, stood up for Ben in Crawford, someone who caused a heap of trouble that killed a lot of people by stealing supplies much as Stephanie tried to. I'd like to see them dabble with another Lee-and-Kenny type of interaction (if they interact at all), where Clementine can be the idealistic foil to Becca's pragmatism, if the player so chooses.

      I think she'd get along well with Shel and Wyatt, though. They both struck me as pretty stable people trapped in a zombie apocalypse (as stable as one can be in such circumstances). Not entirely sure about Vince or Bonnie.

      • Big difference between Ben and Stephanie, if what we're told is true: Ben stole some medical supplies to keep the bandits off their backs and try to rescue a friend he thought they were holding hostage. Stephanie tried to grab all the supplies for herself and leave the rest of her group to deal with it.

        Which is why I would have liked a chance to speak to her and get her side of the story.

    • I'm sorry, how does Russel look anything like Clem's father? I mean, they're both black, but that's about it.

  • While people dont like her I hope Clem and Becca meet. I think they could have one of the most intresting interactions. Its basiclly like Clem meeting carl so it should be cool to see.

  • I see her relating to Russell because of what mrkareemruiz said, she will see Russell as a brother because he looks like Lee and her father and their both African-Americans. Also, she will like Shel and Becca because they are girls and have similar relationship to Lily and Clem. I can see her looking up to Vince as a leader and maybe Wyatt as a clown, don't know about Bonnie though.

  • I guess it depends on everyones own story, but I'm guessing she would relate to Russel as a brother as everyone has been saying or will start feeling attracted by him, I mean she will start feeling attracted to boys soon i guess. She will see Becca and Shel has her sisters if she relates to Becca, if their personalities shock they will fight a lot. With Bonnie she might look at her as a weak person or something because she is used to get along with Lee and Lille and Kenny and Bonnie is jsut weaker than them. With Vince she might look as someone that she can trust but maybe will be carefull with him, it all depends on how you play. With Wyatt, I don't know, Wyatt is a little bit weird but she might like him, he's kind of funny and will problably make some jokes with Clem a little bit like Omid, and Clem really liked Omid ;)

  • I wonder if they'd get in trouble for having Wyatt offer you a toke and allowing you (as Clem) to accept?

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    What if Becca is Clem's Clem?D : Imagine a younger girl trying to prevent a slightly older girl from losing it after, say, the death of her sister?

    • Maybe not in a physically protective sense, but I think it could be an intriguing idea to have Clem, a child who's already lost everything, act as support to the teen, who may actually be less secure in her emotions and morals, despite their age difference.

      • I don't think Becca is the kind of person learning or taking advice from other people, especially when they're younger.

        • True, but I think a lot of the group may start out that way. I doubt that everyone will be confiding with someone as young as Clementine right off the bat, but that's what potential character development's for.

  • I only see a relationship between Clem and Becca having potential. It could be S2's equivalent of Lee and Kenny, with Clem's choices either drawing her closer to Becca, or pushing them further apart.

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      Russel and clem have more potential

      • No they don't. They really, really don't. As a "big brother", Russell would be kind of a wet fish. In terms of maturity, Clem is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Russell. Clem would most likely become the "adult" in the relationship, and I don't see that chemistry having any appeal beyond one episode.

        • I don't know, we didn't get much of a chance to see Russell interact with normal people. We know he's slow to trust, but apart from a few potential quips at Nate I didn't think that he came across as terribly immature.

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          russel is a badass, he was in a car with a killer and crazy man and didnt back down

  • cause Shel and her are at a wallpaper I think the 400 days characters and Clem will meet at the settlement

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