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In the beginning of the trailer for episode 2,we hear a man saying that but they don't show us who says that.I don't think it's Bigby but who else could it be? Maybe Crane? And who is this person talking about? Maybe Faith?


  • I think it's Crane's voice. My first thought was that he could be talking about Snow, since he's known her for centuries, literally. Maybe he's kind of embellishing the nature of their relationship. He could possibly be talking about Faith, maybe it will come out that he knew her after all (but I kinda doubt that). My other thought was that maybe they'll reveal more about Vivian and his "massages." Lol

  • I would say that its Crane talking, maybe in episode 2 it would be a sort of taunt at Bigby.
    Like what Violet_zephyr said about Crane embellishing the nature of their relationship, that would piss Bigby off.
    Really Bigby hates anyone who makes any sort of emotional claims on Snow, he's always at her defence.
    In the comics he deals with Crane, not to give so much away, but there is some vulgarity found against Snow White that sends Bigby reeling...

  • Would explain Bigby holding Crane over the witching well. He did sexually assault Snow. Might have known Faith, depends where Vivian is at. The game shows and even tells what happens to anyone that messes with Snow White.

  • Crane never sexually assaulted Snow White, he would be dead by her hand and massacred by Bigby if he ever tried.
    Crane did try to Kiss Snow once, but she stopped him either punched or kicked the shit out of him; left him with a violent promise that she would kill him if he ever tried anything like that ever again.
    They only mentioned it in the comics, I really hope we get to see that in the Game because I still don't believe Snow will be dead for long...
    She's Snow Goddamn White and she will never let a man take anything like that from her ever again.

  • I'll agree with your assertion. Everyone who's read the comics can vouch for Crane being a liar, an almost pathological one at times.

  • Its jus referenced like paper says, but Bigby also mentions how Crane had a rape fantasy with Snow how he knew I forget perhaps he had Kay look at him and see all his sins.

  • What if Bigby finds out about that fantasy in the next episode.

  • For sure, they could be using the game to show what is only referred to in the comics, but I think such a discovery would prompt his removal from his office, and Snow takes the mantle next and she is obviously........indisposed at the moment lol

  • It would not remove Crane from, but it would end with a big warning of removal and a threat from Bigby if Crane were to ever act out his fantasy. Remember that there are rules, and Bigby follows the sheriff rules exactly. A fantasy is a fantasy and action is action, fantasies go unpunished until acted out or framed from that fact (how Crane was fired). Paper refreshed my memory.

  • Bigby won't find out about that Fantasy not until in the comics, because Crane had it written in the journal that Bigby got his hands on. When finding out, this is all Bigby need to kill Crane, instead of the other option, which would be taking him back to fable town for a trial.
    Bigby can bend the rules if its for the right reason.
    So Bigby won't find out about how sick Crane is towards Snow, but I'll bet that in the next episode Crane is going to say something Snow related to Bigby and the players in the game will have the option to hang crane over the witching well.

  • Hanging Crane over the witching well won't be an option, but an actual event.

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