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If you had to choose between Vince or Kenny who would it be?

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Who would it be?

  • Depends if we're talking about Loyal Kenny or Shithead Kenny. We didn't get to know Vince that well outside of one chapter in 400 DAYS.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I'll miss you, Vince.;-;

  • We didn't knew Vince that well, like Robert said, and my Vince didn't go with Tavia so I don't would depend on how Kenny returns and how he is and how Vince relates with Clem. Vince shoot someone to protect his brother apparently... So I'm guessing he's good in a group, but it would depend on a lot of variables.

  • i liked kenny but i was looking foward a new group in season 2, so vince for me.

  • Vince. He's one of if not my favorite character from 400 days. Kenny had his time in the spotlight, time for me to change it up.

  • Kenny. We didn't always agree (meat locker), but we were there for each other when it really mattered (we helped each other's families, I helped Duck twice, he helped me find Clem). I really like Vince, but I'd have to go with Kenny.

  • They might bring back both, we all know TT has to explain Kenny's fate and also explain what happens to the characters from 400 Days. If it was up to me, I'd choose Vince, cause I know that if they bring back Kenny, they'll kill him off for sure.

  • Kenny because we've spent a whole season with him and Vince was just 1 chapter and an epilogue. But I would like to bring back both.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Vince! Despise Kenny, Vince was a good guy.

  • Vince. Kenny will be stupid and rude to you. Vince is honest and tough. Plus, i HATE Kenny. So, yeah. Vince.

    • Oh come on! What useful thing has Kenny EVER done for Lee?

      • He saved Lee's life when Larry left him for dead.. that's a pretty nice thing to do.

        • I think that is cancelled out by him abandoning Hershel's son even though he could have just put duck on the ground and gone to help him.

          • He didn't have enough time, it's like when Lee has to choose between Carley and Doug..

            • He does have enough time dude, putting his son on the ground doesn't take very long.

              After Kenny has run away, Lee can still have time to try and save Shawn, which shows that Kenny could have at least TRIED to help.

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                HiroVoid Moderator

                He was panicking and that's also one of the major things he feels guilt over later on. At the moment, he simply thought it was more important to get Duck out of there as far and quickly as possible.

              • The dude panicked. He can't be a hero ALL the time, can he? He's human. Plus, he feels guilty about that for the entire game, including the last time we see him in Episode 5. The guy is far from perfect, but he's not a bad person.

        • But, if you side against him, he'll say "No one gets left behind even if he is an a**hole.

          • It's quite ironic how your argument only makes me like Kenny more. Kenny saves you from a drugstore full of walkers even if you're a complete a**hole to him during this ENTIRE episode. If that's not the sign of a good man, then I don't know what is.

            • Just as when Lilly still trusts you to investigate who is stealing supplies even if you are horrible to her and/or murdered her father.

              • "If you don't find anything, I'm just going to assume it's you."

                I think "trusts" is the wrong word here. More like "uses." Regardless of whether or not she trusts Lee, she knows that the others trust Lee so she uses him to investigate what she thinks is a traitor.

                Don't get me wrong, It's a smart move and I don't fault her for making it but it's hardly indicative of her being a good person.

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