• I'm sure that injury looks worse than it actually is. She's still managing to hold that hammer (pretty heavy for a kid) and I don't think Telltale would be silly enough to show any hint of Clem dying in the teaser images for Season 2.
    Also gotta remember that these images might not appear in the final game. A whole lot of stuff appeared in the announcement trailer for Season 1 that never made it to the final game (a shot of the group sitting around a fire springs to mind). Even some screenshots on the Steam page for Season 1 weren't quite how they appeared in the final game (like these two)

  • No cause of screenshot in Photobucket I saw and it has tittle of clemchapter3screen

  • There are no happy endings in The Walking Dead and anyone can die. I wouldn't be surprised if even Rick would die in the last issue of comic book (although I doubt that Kirkman is willing to end it anytime soon).

  • I doubt Telltale has the balls to do it, but it would be a brilliant move. It would completely subvert expectations and send a message that no one is safe, ever. It kind of reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2, where Konami built the marketing around Snake, only to have you play as a new character for the vast majority of the game. It ended up being a blunder, because most fans hated the new character. If the replacement for Clem wasn't equally likeable, it would be a disaster. But this is Telltale. They have the best writers in the industry.

  • It would be a really risky move on telltale's part, but where would you go from there. If they kill Clem, I have no doubt that they will make a fantastic game out of it that I will enjoy (read: feel miserable while) playing. But where would they continue the story from there. Killing Clem would kill the meaning of season, that Clementine can beat this world.

    Is it possible for them to kill Clementine? Yes. But I severely doubt they will. Having said that, I have no doubt lots of other characters will die. Hell, the only group member confirmed alive is Clem, three of them have unknown status (Omid, Christa, and Lilly), and Kenny is presumed dead. Everyone else is confirmed dead.

  • yep clem will die in episode 1
    u will play as lee's axe from ep 1

  • In my mine right now, Hell no, If Telltale took Clem out of the picture who would take her place?
    otherwise it might suck if they did!

  • No, she's the protagonist! She probably got shot or cut.

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