• That makes sense, Beast trying to protect Beauty and other bystanders from Lamia, he probably wouldn't appreciate Bigby lying to him… I chose to use silence, just in case in episode 2 you meet Beauty first, she might be willing to "explain" what ever secrets she's been keeping.
    I don't think she would be the Killer, but that would be a brilliant plot twist if Lamia tries to break free at the same time the Mundy police are investigating.

  • Very possible Lamia resurfaces, meaning Woody is in serious danger if Beauty finds out that Woody hit Faith. When playing on the 360 There are pictures for characters for each episode.

    • Episode 1: Faith
    • Episode 2: Snow White
    • Episode 3: Woody
    • Episode 4: Bufkin, ties in with the chapters being storybook format.
    • Episode 5: Bigby fixing his tie, probably a reference to Bigby ending the case.
  • Beast's concern is certainly well founded, but based on their low income & having trouble making ends meet, and a scene previewing the next episode, I think that beauty is Moonlighting as a stripper.

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