• how to post the pics on this site ...... please tell me

    • Fixed the images for you.

      • so what is your opinion on my above theory ........

        • Its bigby, bigby must have turned infront of toad although it does look like crane's face

          • you are right but it does look like crane's face if we look carefully

            • No Mr.Wayne it's Bigby … Violet_Zephyr posted a good thread of Images
              Really looks nothing like Crane… It wouldn't even make sense, Bigby is the Big Bad Wolf, here is a wolf man why would it be anyone else?
              Also Toad says "Bigby is that you?" when he said that he was talking to Bigby.
              In the game menu Click Play and slide down till the last episode in that slot is a shadowed Bigby, the episode is title Cry Wolf or something like that, makes sense don't you think Bigby Wolf who is the Big Bad Wolf who can transform like a Werewolf and eventually a Giant Killer Wolf.
              Urgh. Looks nothing like Crane, but you are right about one thing Crane is connected to these Murders.

              • You are right paper.t.fish but how the f*** does crane look like bigby????

                • Bigby's first no visible skin form. His nose has to go upwards and get bigger, which explains how Bigby's nose looks like Crane's. Bigby's ears need to grow in size and change shape, which explains how the size of Bigby's ears are like Crane's. The hair going backwards is natural and Crane's hairstyle looks very similar.

                • I really don't think Bigby's transformation looks like Crane at all, the noses aren't even the same.

                  Heres a trailer for Smoke and Mirrors, you can clearly see the physical difference between Bigby and Crane. Specifically Crane's nose is so much larger than Bigby's nose. LukaszB points this out that when Bigby transforms his nose will shift and get a little larger and even possibly crook at the bridge. But in no way would this even come close to making out the shape that is Ichabod Crane's nose

                  • Partial similarity but full picture of anything tells you it's Bigby. Forgot to mention that. Thanks. Top of nose similar, bottom impossible to even compare because Bigby is a wolf and size before shape. Bottom of ears a bit similar top no need to compare 100% Bigby.

  • I have no idea who it is. I imagined Wolf Bigby having more... well, fur, so I agree that the first image isn't of him, but as for Crane? Eh, I have my doubts.

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    That IS Bigby, it's not Crane. Crane is not a hairy wolf, Bigby is. Also, look at the eyes - they are the exact same color as Bigbys when he fought The Woodsman and that white monster later on.

  • Are you freacking serious? It's freaking Bigby!

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    Alt text

  • When does Ichabod Crane ever transform into a wolf in his fable? Never. It's obviously Bigby. But Crane is a suspect since Bigby was holding him over the well. saying what did you do.

  • At first I had a thought that the killer is bigby but someone had a rant on me saying there is no possible way but maybe when he blacks out ?

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