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Season 2 - How will 400 Days have anything to do with it?

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400 Days was a great DLC. It introduced 5 new characters. Although, season 1 had a lot of loose ends. Christa and Omid, Kenny and Lilly. And if you reached the end, Tavia talked about a camp with lots of people. I'm just thinking, what if season 2 will be focused on that camp? What if Kenny and Lilly meet again there? Anyone think this might happen?

  • I'm sure that the 5 episodes will span wider than just the camp. I think the initial focus will be Clem in the forest, at least for the first episode anyway.

  • I thought it was a bit too flimsy how you could engineer which and how many people would go with Tavia, since in Season 1, you had control over the branches of the story rather than the actual story. I doubt that Telltale would let us deal our own hand to play, and let us have THAT much control over what happens. If the characters from 400 Days are alive in Season 2, I think they'll probably just be ineffective within the scenario. If the characters from 400 Days are dead in Season 2, I think they'll be there for you to find out how the camp situation went wrong.

    • If everyone who went with Tavia is found dead by Clem in the ruins of their 'community', I may bust a gut laughing at the people who have described getting them all to go as the 'good ending', but it would also make 400 days one helluva shaggy dog story.

      • I probably should have said how it went bad for the main characters rather than the camp itself. I was thinking more that Clem would somehow find herself within Tavia's community, which will seem perfect on the surface, but we'll notice that everybody who we got to go with her in 400 Days wont be present. Maybe the conditions of the camp will turn out to be much worse under the surface, and our heroes from 400 Days will be forced to break some of the rules which Tavia listed at the end of the episode, and then be punished in some terrible way.
        I agree that it would be pretty hilarious to find the community already in ruins, but I think it would be kind of boring to have what would pretty much be a second Crawford.

    • Finding out what happened in the camp would be cool. But I mean, why there being the choice in the end of who goes and stays? There's gotta be more.

  • Wait and see.

  • I honestly wish Vince would be the protagonist. But Clem is fine as well.
    Although, Vince is pretty much the same thing as lee. But whatever.

    • I don't get the semi-wide appeal of Vince. He's okay, but I found him the least interesting of the group. What makes him so appealing?

      • Probably the badass killer appeal. He was going to prison for shooting someone, after all, and appears to be a pretty tough guy. That's the sort of thing you see in more conventional zombie apocalypse protagonists. A lot like Lee in that respect.

        Part of why I'm glad Telltale didn't make him the protagonist, instead opting for something new and challenging,.

        • I tried to give him the more jaded bad-ass lines because that was how I felt I wanted to play him, in contrast to my Good Guy Lee, but it seemed "off" somehow. When Vince wasn't saying my chosen lines, he kept defaulting to the put-upon sad/scared expressions that Lee had, and his auto-dialogue was pretty mild-mannered, too. I just couldn't quite get a grasp on his character like I could the others in the DLC. If he was more of an obviously hard-edged counter to Lee, I probably would have been immersed in him more.

    • I feel you brother, and i wish it were Vince, but i'm more excited to be Clem. I want to mess her up so dadgum much!

  • It might take place some time around the time of Shel's story, or maybe Bonnie's story. If it's around Shel's, you'll find the diner and the group, sometime after the events of Shel's story and Shel will/won't be there depending on whether you drove off at the end of her story. If it's Bonnie's, you'll finally find out what's in the Dee bag.

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      Omid's cat BANNED

      We know what was in that bag.

      • ..wait, really? I've played through 400 Days twice and have absolutely no idea.

        • They give the idea that the bag that Dee stole had the medicine and supplies that in Shel's story Roman mentions as the first time their camp was stolen... I played Shel's story first so i thought it was that guy's (that we could kill or release) group. But after you play Bonnie's story you understand that was Dee that stole it and in Bonnie's story that's too how the group loses a flashlight mentioned in Shel's story.

    • The things in Dee's bag are Shel's group supplies. Remember when that kid tried to steal and you had the choice to kill him? Roman said that they were robbed once before. And guess why they chased Dee? She had the supplies. Only now I figured it out. Goddamit brain! Start thinking better!

  • I'm thinking that we may meet all the side characters in there stories

    Justin or Danny, Eddie, Nate, Leland?, Roman, Joyce, Clive and Boyd?

  • We met the characters from 400 Days before they met, and the group did not include Omid, Christa, Lilly or Clementine (Kenny is DEAD, could people please get that into their heads?). I'd say there's a good chance that they worked in parallel to the events of season 1 and that they at some point met the survivors of the first group - who (since they were absent) probably got killed off before they met Tavia. And regarding Lilly, I don't think she shows up at all, partly because she is kind of part of the comic canon, just like Glenn. Having them around would make the comic and TV show story line intertwine with the game, and I think TTG tries to avoid that.

    • Game Lilly and Comic Lilly were originally intended to be the same character, but Kirkman retconned it by writing a novel from the perspective of Lilly which gives her a background wildly divergent from what we see in the game. Thus I think its been established now that Telltale's Lilly is a completely different character who just happens to have the same name.

      So they can bring her back for the story without any problems, if they like.

  • Im guessing its all about who goes with Tavia. clem could find the camp that they stayed at or Tavias squad. its also possible that we meet other characters that where discarded like Nate, Roman, Eddie, Justin and Danny

    • I would like to see some on the NPC like Nate and Eddie or the others that you mentioned, but for what I understood Danny ends up dying if you save him, Justin is the only one that can return (not on my game, but in people who saved him).

  • I believe (just an idea) that Clementine will meet the people from 400 days either at the camp they were at when Tavia found them (depending on if they left or not) or in the settlement she mentioned.

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